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Charlotte Mearing is a supporting character and major protagonist in the Transformers movie franchise, she was seen serving as the Director of National Intelligence of the United States.

She was portrayed by Frances McDormand.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Mearing makes many rash decisions but provides good ethical reasons for doing so.

She questions Sam Witwicky's alignment for many times, stating him just to be a kid incapable of supporting the battle against the Decepticons but changes her mind when he figures out the Decepticons' plot.

She believes solemnly in the NEST soldiers to finish the fight but, like the previous liasion for the Autobots to the President is proven almost instaneously wrong.

She is revealed as prudent and to have had sexual intercourse with Agent Simmons in the past.

Mearing shares a passionate kiss with him after the Autobots and the NEST won the battle in Chicago. She laughs following it, but then immediately returns back to her sensible self and has Agent Simmons arrested for misconduct with his stating "I won't care".






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