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Charlotte Page is the tritagonist of the Henry Danger franchise. She is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Jasper) of Henry Danger. She is a very clever girl who's best friends with Jasper Dunlop and Henry Hart, and is also Henry’s and Jasper’s co-worker at Junk-N-Stuff/the Man Cave, under Ray/Captain Man's management.

Following the final of Henry Danger, While Piper goes to college, Ray and Schwoz train The Danger Force, She and Jasper went with Henry to Dystopia to fight crime and she received some cyborg enhancements.

She is played by Riele Downs.

Description & Personality

Charlotte has dark, shoulder-length curly hair. Her style consists of mixing designs and patterns and she often pairs tops with mini skirts or jeans. She sometimes accessorizes with denim jackets and can usually be seen wearing boots or heels.

Charlotte can be described as smart, sassy, and independent. She is level-headed and down-to-earth. She typically acts as the voice of reason, as she is always there to snap everyone back to reality. She is kindhearted, a quick thinker, and cares a lot about her friends and family.


  • Marksmanship: In Danger & Thunder Charlotte has proved she can shoot with precision when she uses the rifle with man grenade to fire at the block in which Captain Man is stuck. She also demonstrated this in Space Invaders Part 1 when she shot Schwoz with one shot while Ray kept missing every single time.
  • High-level intellect: Charlotte possesses a high-level intellect and above-average mental faculties. She often finds solutions in numerous situations
    • Skilled detective: In The Secret Gets Out She can be excellent at investigation By finding the shark of smartphones. She was also capable of planning the next movements of the burglar in Let's Make a Steal.
    • Hacking Intuition: Like Schwoz, Charlotte has shown to be a skilled hacker. She can research any criminal records or background history.
  • Mind Link: In Dream Busters, When Henry was zapped by Minyak Dream Blaster and he was put in a very deep sleep and during the sleep, he would have extremely strange dreams. It was almost impossible for Henry to wake up. So Charlotte went inside of Henry Dream and they were sharing it. In I Dream of Danger, they both had dreams where one kissed the other.
  • Cyborg Enhancements: Following The Fate of Danger: Part 2, Charlotte appears to have an upgrade, which creeps both Henry and Jasper out. Some of her cyborg physiology include robot arms which one of her right arm acts like a screen to tell them the current acts of crime and electronic eyes that change color to pure white of cybernetic. It currently unknown what caused her to become a cyborg in the first place.
    • Eye Change Color: Charlotte can now change her eye color.
    • Cyborg Crime Finder Arm: Charlotte posses a Crime Finder Arm application which tells her when crime is near.

Temporary Powers

  • Super Strength: When she was mind-controlled by Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort in The Beat Goes On, Minyak amplified her strength so she could take down Captain Man and Kid Danger. She broke through the elevator door and lifted Ray in the air. However, she couldn’t break out of the tube because Schwoz flooded it with neural neutralizing particles to freeze her. Charlotte also lost this ability when Schwoz reversed the mind musical warping process by playing the song backwards, thawing it out entirely.



  • She is part of the Language, Information, and Math Program (L.I.M.P.).
  • She and Henry both hate pickles but love dill-fingers.
  • She was once training to run a 10K marathon.
  • Charlotte only eats the cream of her Oreo-based cookies.
  • She was the first person to find out Henry was Kid Danger.
  • She stood in for Henry as Kid Danger when he was grounded in Kid Grounded.
  • According to 85-year old Future Ray, she is going to be President of the United States in 50 years.
  • Since the start of the show, speculation pointed to Charlotte's last name being Bolton. It even seemed to be confirmed during Nick's Slime Cup games.
    • However, Nickelodeon later confirmed her real last name to be Page.
  • She used to have a goldfish called Nemo, but Henry accidentally killed him.
  • She is right-handed.
  • According to her bio, she is smart and sassy.
  • She is the only character in the main cast not to have any of her family members appear in the series.
  • She hates dancing.
  • In an Instagram live stream, Riele Downs revealed that if Charlotte were to have a superpower, she would want it to be telepathy or telekinesis.
  • She is on Swellview High School's student council.
  • It's shown in Double-O Danger, that she knows how to play the guitar.

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