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Oh flower, pretty flower, show your face and I'll sting you!
~ Charmy Bee, Sonic Heroes

Charmy Bee is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is very mischievous and clumsy. He's one of the two tritagonists of Knuckles' Chaotix (alongside Vector) and one of the four pentagonists of Shadow the Hedgehog (alongside Cream, Espio, and Vector). He is also part of the Chaotix.


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Charmy and his fellow Chaotix join the Resistance led by Knuckles after it is believed Sonic was killed in combat against Eggman's ultimate weapon, Infinite, but are unable to make any progress reclaiming territory occupied by the Eggman Empire, and within six months, 99% of the planet was under Eggman's control. Charmy remained upbeat when he mentions that, while many people were too frightened and terrified to take up arms against the Eggman Empire and join the Resistance, they were getting a new recruit to join them, that being the Avatar, a survivor of an attack on their squad by Infinite that left the Avatar the only survivor. Charmy initially is skeptical of the Avatar's abilities, but Knuckles assures Charmy that he still can find some use for the Avatar like he does with Charmy.

Word soon comes in from Rouge that Sonic is still alive, but imprisoned on the rebuilt Death Egg. After the Avatar travels to the Death Egg and busts Sonic out, Knuckles assigns the Avatar to go with Sonic to take out the Arsenal Pyramid in Green Hill, Eggman's main munitions plant arming his forces with ordnance. When Vector voices doubt, Charmy assures him that the Avatar can handle it.

Later on, Charmy and the other Chaotix are in the City supporting Resistance troops there when the City is attacked by Death Egg Robot Sentinels. Charmy is impressed when the Avatar is able to put up a fierce fight to buy time for the stranded civilians in the City to evacuate, however, he is later frightened when a massive army of Death Egg Robot Sentinels invades the City with the support of the Shadow replica created by Infinite. Once the real Shadow appears to deal with his doppelganger, the Eggman Army is soon chased off. Charmy joins in the attempted assault to capture Eggman's capital of Metropolis, but Infinite's arrival and usage of his Phantom Ruby causes the Resistance to suffer heavy casualties. As a result, Charmy agrees with Espio's suggestion to retreat and regroup, screaming to run for it before the Resistance is totally wiped out.

After following Tails' plan to destroy the Death Egg, which was supplying power to the Phantom Ruby and Infinite, the Resistance attempts a second attempt at taking Metropolis. Although Infinite manages to send both Sonic and the Avatar into Null Space, they are able to escape, and Eggman is forced to abandon his capital and retreat to his final stronghold, the Eggman Empire Fortress.

Charmy and his fellow Chaotix lead the final assault alongside Sonic and the other Resistance leaders against the fortress, only for Infinite to unleash Eggman's endgame and create a virtual sun to drop on the Resistance. Thanks to the Avatar, the sun is stopped, and Sonic and the Avatar are able to defeat Infinite and destroy the main reactor powering the Phantom Ruby, only for Eggman to reveal he had stored the original in his trump card, the Death Egg Robot. Working together, Sonic, Classic Sonic, and the Avatar are able to destroy the Death Egg Robot, wiping out the Eggman Army in the process, leaving the Resistance victors of the War to Take Back the Planet. After seeing off Classic Sonic as he returns to his dimension, Charmy joins the others as they begin the long process of rebuilding the world after the war.

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