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Chase is on the case!
~ Famous quote

Chase is the deturagonist from the Nick, Jr. show PAW Patrol. Chase is a German Shepherd pup, his occupation for the patrol is being second-in-command, a police and super-spy pup, and he has a megaphone for whenever he needs to use it (in the movie, he is the leader of the team, with his super speed and leadership skills and possible main protagonist).

In Season 1 of the North American version, Chase is voiced by Tristan Samuel, and Max Calinescu took the role for Season 2 and onward. At the beginning of Season 5, Calinescu was replaced by Justin Paul Kelly. In the British version, he is voiced by Hayden Hunter throughout all seasons.


Chase is a German Shepherd puppy with brown fur, lighter brown fur on his face and paws, and brown eyes. His tail is long and resembles that of a beaver. As a Mighty Pup in Thunder Bay, he wears a blue cowboy hat with a sheriff badge on it. In Adventure Bay, he wears a dark blue police vest, which three yellow chevrons on either side, and a dark blue police hat with yellow trim, a black bill, and a silver PAW Patrol logo on the front. His Super-Spy attire consists of a blue helmet (which also has a retractable visor), vest, and shoes, which all have lime green trimming. His Pup Tag in the movie is an icon of Sonic the Hedgehog, while in the series it is blue and has a yellow star badge on it.


As a police pup, Chase is probably the most mature member of the PAW Patrol and always tries his best to stay serious when on a mission, but sometimes lets his emotions slip through. When off-duty, he also has a playful side. He and Marshall are best friends and often playfully compete with each other.

Equipment and abilities

Like all PAW Patrol members, Chase has a Pup Tag that he can use to make calls to Ryder, The Lookout, and his fellow members, as well as make video calls to said members. The Mission PAW version of his Pup Tag has a GPS that can be used to track his location and a video camera.

Chase's normal vehicle is a police car that contains traffic cones and a winch. Its number is 02. In season 2, Chase received a Super Spy vehicle along with his Super Spy gear. This vehicle has an ejector seat, a spy drone, a winch, and off-road wheels. It also has a computer and satellite dish that are used to control the spy drone. His Mission PAW vehicle is a three-wheeled motorcycle that comes equipped with a landing pad. His Sea Patrol vehicle is a patrol boat equipped with a megaphone and winch. It also has a land mode.

Chase's normal pup pack contains a spotlight, megaphone, tennis ball cannon, and net. His Super Spy pup pack contains a net, zipline and flashlight, while his Sea Patrol pup pack contains a rescue buoy and megaphone, with his scuba gear also having a flashlight. In the episode "Air Pups", he was given a glider for air-based rescues.

Chase has an extremely strong sense of smell which he can use to track down anything, but, in the series, his allergies to cats and feathers sometimes cause his trouble. He has been shown to be able to speak with beavers and owls.


  • “Ready for action, Ryder, sir!” (Season 1 only; once in Season 2)
  • “PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder, sir!” (Season 2 onwards; plus a few episodes from Season 1)
  • “These paws uphold the laws!”
  • “She went this way!”
  • “Chase is on the case!”
  • “Whenever you're In trouble, just hoot for help!” (from “Pups Save a Hoot”)
  • “Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help!” (from “Pups Save Ryder”)
  • “Super Spy Chase! When you least expect him, expect him!” (Season 2)
  • “Super Spy Chase is on the case!” (Season 2)
  • “Coach Chase is on the case!” (from “Pups Save the Mayor's Race”)
  • “Mighty Pups are on the roll!” (from “Mighty Pups”)
  • “These Mighty Paws uphold the laws!” (from “Mighty Pups”)






  • Chase is a German Shepherd.
  • Chase is seven years old, making him the second-oldest of the pups, behind Everest.
  • He is best friends with Marshall.
  • Chase is approximately the fastest of the pups.
  • Chase is the second character to appear in the series, but the first to speak a line.
  • Chase was the tallest member of the PAW Patrol until Everest's debut.
  • According to the PAW Patrol's official Instagram account, Chase was the first member to join the team. [1]
  • Chase's name is most likely a reference to a police chase.
    • In his Mighty Pup form, his name refers to a high-speed chase, as he is incredibly fast.
  • At first, Chase was not an expert at Pup Pup Boogie. He got better at it in the same episode.
  • Chase is allergic to the scents of cats and birds and will sneeze strongly and loudly when he sniffs the scent of cats and birds, or when feathers and cat fur touches his nose.
    • Despite the allergy to birds, Chase never sneezed once when Little Hootie was on his nose. This may imply that Chase is only allergic to certain types of feathers.
  • Chase is the first member of the PAW Patrol to have a birthday party (from "Pups Turn on the Lights").
  • Chase is the first member of the PAW Patrol to temporarily have a different job (from "Pup Pup Boogie").
  • His voice in the UK from Season 1 to Season 4 was Hayden Hunter who also voices Gil from the Bubble Guppies.
  • In "Pups Save a Toof", it is revealed that Chase is afraid of the dentist, just like Alex. He later got his fang pulled out in this episode. This phobia hasn't been mentioned since then.
  • Chase has been first called for a mission 184 times, the most out of all of the pups.
  • Chase has been called for backup 38 times.
  • Chase has been called into action (either a first response or backup) 222 times, the most out of all the pups.
  • In "Pups and the Very Big Baby" he thought Cap'n Turbot was stuck inside a whale.
  • He and Zuma competed against each other at Pup Pup Boogie.
  • Chase was given a semi-new look in Season 2. He was given a special "Spy" gear.
    • With his "wall walker" boots as part of his spy gear, Chase is also the first pup to sport any kind of footwear.
  • Chase is the first pup to be first called for a mission from the PAW Patroller.
  • He hates the smell of the excessive amount of liver, shown in "The New Pup".
  • Chase finally first-deployed with Everest in "Pups Save Skye".
  • Chase first-deployed with Tracker in "Tracker Joins the Pups!", making him the first pup to have been deployed with each pup in each mission.
  • Chase is allergic to flowers.
  • Chase is shown to be skilled in pig calling as seen in "Pups Save the Fireworks".
  • Chase's Super Spy gear appears to be a reference to both SWAT (due to their use of specialized gear) and Covert Special Forces like the Navy SEALS (know to have specially trained dogs for covert military operations and high tech gear).
  • In "Pups Save the Mayor's Tulips", Chase was revealed to have a teddy bear named "Officer Bear" as a young pup.
  • Chase cares very much for his teammates, as he tends to whimper when something has gone wrong.
  • Chase is the first pup to go on a special mission (in "Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown", by guarding the Barkingburg Crown).
  • Chase is the first pup to be seen in his Air Patrol gear (in "Air Pups").
  • A giant balloon of Chase was flown during the 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • Chase is the last of the main six pups to become a mer-pup (in "Sea Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis").
  • Chase can be seen on the new version of the Noggin app icon.
  • "Pups Save a Wedding" is, so far, the only time he has shed tears, though he denied it when Rocky asked him about this.
    • This makes him, Rubble and Marshall the only members to tear up.
    • Not surprisingly, in the future, he has shed tears once again during his wedding to Skye. That makes "Pups Save a Wedding" and the upcoming future to make him tear up at weddings, Farmer Yumi's wedding and his wedding.
  • His Mighty Pups powers are similar to DC Comics, The Flash.
  • He and Skye show up above the Noggin logo at the end of every episode.
    • Including Marshall and Rubble, they run in to present what the show has on Nick Jr.
      • Both, Chase and Skye look at the viewers and then he waves, which breaks the fourth wall, like other Nick Jr. characters.
  • He's not good at backflips, as shown in "Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups Stop a Humdinger Horde".
  • Many fans have built, downloaded or made Chase in popular online games, like Minecraft, ROBLOX, etc.
    • Minecraft: Character skin, 2D and 3D builds of him, etc.
    • ROBLOX: Decals, models, roleplays as him, avatar look alike, etc.
    • Gmod: Models
    • and so on...
  • Very recently, the protestors would go even pick on any show that depicts any show with police officers. Leading to controversy with Chase.
    • With this, this is the first times a character in the series been picked on by non-fans.


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