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Hero Overview

Chase is Rescue Bot that transforms into a police car and is partnered with Chief Charlie Burns. Chase has a "by-the-book" personality and tends to fuss over any new concept that violates any law he is familiar with, though at times his sense of humor and understanding emerges. He gets along well with his human partner Charlie.


Part of Heatwave's team of Rescue Bots, Chase was the fastest, but also careful. They received a message from Optimus Prime, prompting them to travel to Earth in their spaceship (with Chase piloting) to join the Autobot leader. Once there, Chase received a new police car alternate mode, and Optimus took them to Griffin Rock to meet Chief Charlie. Some time later, Chase and Boulder were on their way to Prime Fire Station to join the team when they happened upon a flash flood at a construction site. Using a ramp propped up by Boulder, Chase was able to jump across to two trapped humans, and the Rescue Bots got the construction worker to safety, but a freak wave swept Chase and Hunter downstream. With Hunter's guidance, Chase grabbed onto a tree felled by Boulder, and the four of them made it to the fire station, where Hunter joined the team as Chase's partner.



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