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Raiden Fighters 2 07

Chaser 2000 in the opening scene of Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive.

Chaser is a class of fighters in every installment of Raiden Fighters series.


Chaser is an old fighter that appears exclusively in Raiden Fighters, who is replaced by the Chaser 2000 later on.

Powers and abilities

Both planes are suitable for the beginners, they are fast with a rapid firing rate. However they have the best Charged Specials out of all planes. The Charged Missile is deadly, letting literally hundreds of missiles fly. This special attack is affectionately called the "Missile Curtain" by die-hard RF players. The Charged Laser is exactly like Raiden MK-II 's Purple Lock-On Plasma.

Chaser 2000

Chaser 2000 is the replacement of its predecessor in both Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive and Raiden Fighters Jet. This is also a revamped version of previous game's Chaser, which remains a fast plane with a rapid firing rate. The C2K's Laser, the Homing Deflector Beam or Chain Laser, is a huge improvement over the original Chaser's Serpentine Lock-On Beam. The Chain Laser cuts through multiple enemies while seeking them out. The Charged Laser is the same as the original Chaser's, exactly like the Raiden mk-II's Purple Lock-On Plasma Laser. The Missile Weapon is the same as the original Chaser's. Even the dreaded "Missile Curtain" Charged special is back.


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