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Why so formal? Maybe just try a thank you.
~ Cheelai

Cheelai (チライ Chirai) is formerly a soldier of the Frieza Force and a major character in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

She was voiced by Nana Mizuki in the Japanese version, and by Erica Lindbeck in the English version.


She is a known juvenile delinquent in the galaxy. After stealing a Galactic Patrol ship from Universe 7, Cheelai took refuge in the Empire of Frieza to flee from his pursuers, but she actually knows almost nothing about the dictator and had only heard rumors about him.

She teams up with Lemo in recruiting powerful warriors for Frieza's army. Upon finding an old distress signal on the planet Vampa, they land and find Paragus, to be later saved by Broly from one of the planet's creatures. Cheelai and Broly become friends, with Cheelai saving the Saiyan from her metal collar upon seeing how inhumane Paragus's treatment of her own son was.

Upon reaching Earth, Cheelai witnesses Broly's fight against Goku and Vegeta, where she is worried that someone like him will be turned into a killing machine, blaming everything on Paragus. Together with Lemo, they both steal the Dragon Balls of Kikono's possession and Cheelai asks Shenron to send Broly back to Vampa where he was found, before the Saiyan was killed by Gogeta. The two then steal a spaceship and head towards the planet to to live with Broly.

Three days later, Goku appears in Vampa and gives them provisions to make their stay more comfortable, with the promise that he would visit them to fight and teach Broly some tricks. Cheelai thanks him for this, although Lemo says that they would possibly leave the planet, which didn't worry Goku.


Cheelai does not seem to possess any sort of hand-to-hand combat skill. She instead deals with her problems using her wits and her Ray Gun, which can be used to threaten the life of any normal being. However, possessing no extraordinary strength or no destructive fire power from her handheld Ray Gun, she cannot do much against more powerful beings.

In spite of her physical capabilities, she does possess average intelligence, and skills that she can use to accomplish her objectives, as well as equipment, making her fairly strong and resourceful.

  • Pickpocketing: As a former thief, Cheelai is capable of pickpocketing due to her thievery skills, shown when she stole Paragus' Broly Control Mechanism.
  • Marksmanship: As a former soldier, Cheelai is a competent Ray Gun user, which she can use to overpower most normal beings. Much like a gun in real life, she can use the Ray Gun to coerce other normal beings, shown when she coerces Kikono to explain the Dragon Balls to her.


  • Battle Armor: As a member of the Frieza Force, she wore a female Battle Armor suit, made to be stretchy, but durable.
  • Scouter: Her model of the Scouter is blue and covers her left eye. It is used to measure the power levels of beings, but some beings have an unmeasurable power level- one of them happens to be Broly. Unlike previous models of the Scouter, Cheelai will be able to tell if a being's power level is unmeasurable if the Scouter gives her a blank reading, instead of exploding.
  • Ray Gun: Her Ray Gun is dangerous to any normal being but useless against those who are more powerful.
  • Capsules: These capsules created by Bulma store objects of various sizes, such as a portable house.


  • Cheelai's name is derived from the word Raichi ("Lychee"), thus she shares her name origin with Dr. Lychee.
    • Her name and her association with Lemo are a reference to "Chile Limón," a popular flavor of potato chips and other snacks.
  • Cheelai's relationship with Broly mirrors or somewhat resembles Caulifla's relationship with Kale.
    • Her friendship with Broly also mirrors Bulma's friendship with Goku as both are non-Saiyan females who end up befriending a gentle hearted Saiyan and ended up disliking their respective Saiyan friend's sole surviving relative (Paragus in Cheelai's case, Raditz in Bulma's) due to said relative's evil Saiyan nature and mistreatment of their Saiyan friend.
  • In Dragon Ball SD, Goku humorously assumed that Cheelai was a new type of Namekian, to the latter's annoyance.


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