Cheetara was a female Thunderian noble who was a member of the ThunderCats. She was as lovely as she is brave and cunning.


Cheetara is a female Thundercat based off a cheetah with an anthropomorphic humanoid physical form, along with an athletic build. She is normally seen wearing a one-piece orange leotard that has her Thundercat emblem at the front of her bosom.

Powers and abilities

Cheetara is a female warrior, based on the cheetah, who is the only adult female ThunderCat (until the later appearance of Pumyra). She has incredible speed, once clocked at 120 m.p.h. on a morning jog. She can maintain this speed only for brief periods, but with it, she is very fast in combat. At her peak, Cheetara can achieve extreme super speeds of up to one mile per 30 seconds, but could only maintain those speeds for approximately two miles; anymore beyond that and she'll risk collapsing due to exhaustion. She also had an ability called her "Sixth Sense", which gave her the ability to see into past and future events, although this was also very taxing, such that she sometimes considered it a curse; these visions could come at random and when she forced them to appear, it could take days or weeks for her to recover. She could also sense danger to others which she attributed to "woman's intuition". Cheetara had a fondness for the "useless" metal gold. In "The Telepathy Beam", her powers no longer harm her. Her weapon was the baton or bo staff, which could extend to any length and shoot out energy beams. It was attached to a cuff on her left arm when not in use.

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