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Norbert Cheffory "Chef" Hatchet is the main character of Total DramaRama. He is a teacher working at Happy Tots Daycare Centre.


This version of Chef is in charge of a daycare. Unfortunately for him, taking care of toddler versions of the teen contestants is harder than dealing with the actual teenagers.


Chef's personality is mostly the same as he was on Total Drama. However, he has developed into a stern yet decent character in the adaptation. In fact, Chef is nicer to the kids, shows a degree of patience with dealing with them, and cares about their well-being. Although he still has a temper if he is provoked enough, he enjoys playing with the toys and by extension, working in the daycare.


Chef is a tall African-Canadian man. He wears a pair of black shoes, some khaki pants, a black belt, a pink shirt, and a magenta tie. He has a gap in his teeth, and a unibrow for an eyebrow.


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