Not to be confused with Chel, a character from the DreamWorks film The Road to El Dorado.


Chell is the main heroine of the Portal game series and a playable character in LEGO Dimensions. She was one of the scientists' daughters at Aperture Science and was made a test subject. Chell wakes up and has been put through various testing. Near the end of Portal, Chell had to destroy all the cores that were attached onto GLaDOS. Chell uses the Rocket Sentry to her advantage to explode all the cores off her and incinerate them. At the end she brought down the evil A.I.

Portal 2

In Portal 2, she is awoken from a slumber by an intelligence sphere named Wheatley. On the way to escape the facility, Wheatley accidentally reawakens GLaDOS. From then on Chell is forced into more testing until she and Wheatley defeat GLaDOS. When they did so, Wheatley made GLaDOS into a potato and went mad with power. In his rage he sent the duo into the underground facility of an old aperture.

Throughout more testing, Chell and POTaTOS find an elevator and confront Wheatley. After a battle which Chell sends Wheatley to the moon, GLaDOS goes back in command and chooses to let Chell go and to not come back.

LEGO Dimensions

In LEGO Dimensions, Chell comes with her own level pack taking place in the LEGO version of the Portal universe. In the level pack Chell returns to Aperture Science reuniting with GLaDOS and Wheatley. In the level pack Chell continues to do some more of GLaDOS' tests. Eventually, Chell and Wheatley get into a battle with GLaDOS. Chell ends up damaging GLaDOS enough for a core transfer. At the end of the level pack Chell ends up making the Space Core the Central A.I. of Aperture.

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