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Not to be confused with Chel or Chelle.
You dangerous, mute lunatic.
Fatty fatty no parents.
~ Wheatley
Heroine Overview

Chell is the silent protagonist of Portal and Portal 2 and a supporting character in LEGO Dimensions. She was voiced by Mary Kae Irvin and modelled after Alesia Glidewell.


Chell was implied to be a daughter of an Aperture employee brought to the facility on "Bring your daughter to work" day, and was trapped alongside many others when GLaDOS again tried to lock down the entire facility and flooded the place with neurotoxin. As time passed on, she became one of the few survivors of the incident. Aperture scientist Doug Rattman, who was constantly fleeing from GLaDOS, discovered Chell being rejected for her stubbornness via test subject files. He sabotaged the list to place Chell as the first, believing that she would be able to outlast and defeat GLaDOS.


Chell advances through test courses under the "guidance" of GLaDOS, the current AI facility director, whose test chambers become increasingly difficult as she progresses through them, while the AI constantly showers her with insults, to which she ignores. She escapes multiple attempts on her life and wanders through of the facility's maintenance areas, discovering Doug Rattman's previously occupied dens with scribbles. Eventually, she confronts GLaDOS in the central AI chamber, and is goaded into burning GLaDOS' morality core. Abusing the rocket sentry's activation, Chell directs the rockets into GLaDOS and wrecks all her cores before the neurotoxin reaches lethal levels. A critical failure triggers upon the final core's destruction, causing a portal to suck burning fragments of GLaDOS and Chell herself out to the facility's parking lot, where she is dragged inside by a Party Escort Bot. Doug Rattman observes this and later restores her relaxation vault's power while she is unconscious, ensuring her survival.

Portal 2

In Portal 2, Wheatley, who has been assigned to monitor dormant test subjects, finds Chell alive, and wants to bust her out of the facility. However, the two accidentally boot up the inactive GLaDOS, who forces her into even more courses while Wheatley is presumably destroyed. He later survives and guides Chell again through maintenance areas, where the pair sabotage the turret production line with defects and disengage the neurotoxin supply, leaving GLaDOS defenseless, and he mounts the murderous director on a potato battery before calling for an elevator for Chell to leave. An enraged GLaDOS then provokes Wheatley with the fact that he is supposedly an Intelligence Dampening Sphere developed to paralyze and weaken her, and how Chell did all the work while he failed to contribute. Unable to accept the partially-false truth, Wheatley slams the elevator, sending the nemeses into the forgotten bowels of Aperture several kilometers below.

After GLaDOS and Chell are forced to collaborate, they eventually navigate back to the chambers, where GLaDOS is shocked by the chaos caused by Wheatley's ignorance, which has led to an imminent reactor meltdown. Wheatley forces the pair to go through even more disastrously-designed courses. GLaDOS tries to fry Wheatley with a logical paradox, though she fails and instead destroys every Frankenturret in the room. Chell and GLaDOS eventually make their way to the central AI chamber, where GLaDOS supplies a plan - She will get Chell corrupt cores to attach on Wheatley for the core transfer. Chell, through clever use of her ASPHD, manages to rupture gel pipes for her advantage and redirects Wheatley's bombs while snatching cores. Wheatley interrupts the transfer with a trap, and Chell launches a portal to the moon, causing them to be sucked out by the vacuum. GLaDOS quickly restores herself during the scuffle and pulls Chell back, leaving Wheatley in the lunar orbit. Chell soon blacks out.

With the facility restored, GLaDOS exclaims, in relief, that Chell was a "friend" instead of an enemy after all, and concludes that ridding Chell via murder is excessively tedious compared to simply removing her. Chell takes an elevator to the surface and arrives outside of a shed in a wheat field. Moments later, the scorched companion cube she supposedly destroyed in the first game is ejected right next to her.


Though Chell is silent, she is known to be tenacious and extremely stubborn, refusing to submit or give up, to the point of being a rejected test subject. She is also incredibly intelligent, capable of outsmarting both GLaDOS and Wheatley.

Chell's silence is not due to circumstance, but of choice, such as the maniacal AIs would not obtain a fulfilled response from their provocations due to her psychological endurance, able to bear with GLaDOS even after the AI's repeated attempts on her life and hurtful remarks.

Doug Rattman claims that Chell was not remarkably athletic or speedy during her tests.

LEGO Dimensions

In LEGO Dimensions, Chell comes with her own level pack taking place in the LEGO version of the Portal universe. In the level pack Chell returns to Aperture Science reuniting with GLaDOS and Wheatley. In the level pack Chell continues to do some more of GLaDOS' tests. Eventually, Chell and Wheatley get into a battle with GLaDOS. Chell ends up damaging GLaDOS enough for a core transfer. At the end of the level pack Chell ends up making the Space Core the Central A.I. of Aperture.


  • In the first Portal, she makes vocal sounds of pain when taking damage from physics objects, which were, in turn, reused from HL2 citizens. She is completely silent in Portal 2.
  • GLaDOS and Wheatley both ridiculed her over the fact that she has no parents, as they were presumed dead before the events of Portal.


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