Chelle is a former antagonist and one of the playable characters in Dragalia Lost and the older sister of Euden and Zethia.

She is voiced by Saori Ōnishi in Japanese and Jacki Gunn in English.


Chelle is a beautiful princess with long blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a shoulder-less purple, black, and white gown with black stockings and shoes. On her head is a golden tiara with a red gem. She wears a brown belt around her waist and her left hand has a brown glove.

As a child, she has a shorter hairstyle with a purple headband with two flowers and a purple dress with white frills.

Her Gala variant wears her hair into ringlets and her right eye is covered by her bang. She wears a sleeveless frilled magenta and red dress with a magenta star with a red cloth on her neck, black ribbons with a sliver accessory, magenta gloves, a stocking with a red rose on her left leg, and red and magenta boots.



The third scion of Alberia. Though she is given to seeking pleasure, she is also a tactical genius in informational warfare, having built a potent network of spies she calls her "kittens" who help her achieve her goal of utter supremacy.


The third scion of Alberia has set her sights on an even bigger stage—the world! As a shrewd diplomat, she has many cards to play when negotiating with other nations, including the manacaster development that she leads.


Chelle is a shadow bow adventurer with a unique dragon called Cat Sìth. She first skill is Gran Tiara, which increases team's strength and defense directly ahead of Chelle for 10 seconds. Her secondary skill is Grand Gloria, it deals one shot to her foes directly and gives her extra shots equal to the number of buffs she has each.


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