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Chelsea Keezheekoni is a supporting character in the Cartoon Network series, Clarence. She is one of Clarence's friends. She is also friends with Breehn as shown in the episodes "Dinner Party" and "Average Jeff". She is voiced by Nika Futterman in Money Broom Wizard, but voiced by Grace Kaufman in episodes.

Appearance and Personality

She is a tall girl with braces on her teeth and extremely ginormous puffy brown hair. She also wears a purple sweater, yellow skirt, green pants and green shoes.

She is shown to be adventurous and friendly. She was even shocked when Clarence touched the fiberglass from the pipe, and tried to help Chad (Clarence's step-dad) and prevent him from falling off the roof, along with Clarence's other friends. She is also a tomboy as shown as she wanted to know if there was a dead body in Breehn's basement. Her teasing is scary to Clarence and Jeff, but a soothing balm for Sumo.


  • Clarence
  • Allison
  • Breehn
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