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Cheshire Cat appear as an antagonist in Spring Unsprung the special episode of Ever After High, but she redeemed herself and became a minor heroine in a other Ever After High special Way Too Wonderland.

She's Kitty's mother, who appear during a special episode where she was the villain, she cursed the school of her daughter by exchage the book of Legend by a cursed book, she also find a way to escape Wonderland but it was revealed she had follow Alistair and Bunny to Ever After High, Kitty was proud to be like her until the prank go to far, she finally told her daughter how to stop the curse and return to Wonderland. She was invited for the birthday of The queen of Heart, she was surprise to see her daughter was in Wonderland instead of Ever after High, she decide to help her to find the book of legend in the palace, so after the book is found Raven finally break the curse and open the portal between ever After high and Wonderland.


The Cheshire Cat bares a striking resemblance to Catwoman, specifically the Eartha Kitt version from the 1966 Batman TV series.

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