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Chester is one of three (later four) main characters of Bunnicula.

He is voiced by Howard Morris in 1982 and Sean Astin, in the cartoon series the same role of Raphael and Kodi.


Chester is a siamese cat who is often affected by the pranormal happenings around Bunnicula.


He is often exasperated with Bunnicula and terrified of the monsters and supernatural phenomena that happens around him and his friends. Deep down, Chester is envious of Bunnicula.


  • "I can't deal with this anymore. Bunnicula has turned our lives into a horror show. All these crazy monsters are attracted to him."
  • "Sometimes, I wish Mina just left Bunnicula locked in that chamber in the cellar."


  • Chester starts to accept Bunnicula near the end of the series in Bunnicula Strikes Again! and Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow.
  • In the book Chester is described as being a tabby cat. But in the cartoon adaption he more resembles a siamese.
  • In Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow, it is revealed that Chester has the ability to set up a spreadsheet on the computer.
  • Chester has a favorite arm chair he sits in to sleep and read.
  • Chester once was almost poisoned in Howliday Inn.
  • Chester has seen Friday the thirteenth.
  • Chester also reads Stephen King.

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