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Robot Chicken or simply Chicken is the titular main protagonist of the American stop motion series of the same name.

He is voiced by the series' co-creator Seth Green who also voices other characters in the series as well as Chris Griffin in Family Guy.


The opening sequence for the show's first five seasons depict mad scientist Fritz Hühnermörder finding the road-killed Chicken which he subsequently takes to his laboratory to refashion as a cyborg. The scientist then straps the poultry to a chair, uses calipers to keep his eyes open and forces him to watch TVs in a manner similar to A Clockwork Orange.

In the sketch "Euthanasia" from season one episode "Nightmare Generator", Chicken and Hühnermörder can both be seen in a portrait in the background.

In "You Can't Do That On Robot Chicken" from season one finale "The Black Cherry", Hühnermörder uses a sign to ask Chicken "Why did Chicken cross the road?". Chicken flees when the scientist pulls out a sign saying "In the name of science!" and starts chasing him with a chainsaw.

In "Previously on Robot Chicken" from season two opener "Suck It", Seth Green, Chicken and Hühnermörder are found guilty of the events in season one finale and are subsequently trapped in the Phantom Zone before the aliens accidentally free them. The segment segues into the regular opening sequence after the show is renewed.

In "Robot Chicken Telethon" from season two finale "Book of Corrine", Chicken is among those answering the phones along with Fidel Castro, Six Million Peso Man, Humping Robot, Bloopers Host, Little Drummer Boy, Eagle Eye Smith, an alien, the Nerd and Hühnermörder. Like everyone else, he ends up getting shot by Matthew Senreich after the latter starts rampaging with his shotgun. He also appears in the recap in the beginning of "Seth's Revenge" from season three opener "Werewolf vs Unicorn" along with his tombstone being shown.

In "Beginning Season Five" from season five opener "Saving Private Giggli", Chicken is among the characters assembled by Seth Green and Senreich to fight for season five. He ends up throwing a stick grenade in the enemy bunker and jumps right before a huge explosion, supposedly destroying the bunker and concluding the segment.

In "The Escape" from season five finale "Fight Club Paradise", Chicken escapes after Hühnermörder's maid frees him in order to clean his chair. In "Sex and the City 3" from the same episode, he can be seen in the cinema theater in the background. The episode concludes with the segment "The Rescue" where Chicken returns home only to discover that Hühnermörder has abducted his wife, Cluckerella, forcing him to return to the scientist's laboratory. After killing his way through the latter's defenses, Chicken confronts Hühnermörder who implies that he killed the bionic poultry's wife and cooked her. After a brief fight, the scientist accidentally gets his hand strapped to the chair that Chicken was previously on. Chicken then crushes the scientist under TVs he was once forced to watch before discovering that his wife is still alive and well and frees her.

In the opening sequence used in 6th and 7th seasons, Chicken revives Hühnermörder as a cyborg and forces him to suffer the same torture that he was once subjected to.

In "Robot Chicken and Mad Scientist to the Rescue!" from season seven finale "Chipotle Miserables", Hühnermörder's son comes around and rips out his father's remaining eye in order to steal some equipment from him before taking all the US presidents hostage, forcing Hühnermörder and Chicken to team up. After the two defeat the young man's cyborg minions, Hühnermörder punishes his son by subjecting him to the same torture that Chicken, he and the presidents were forced to endure while Chicken flies away, free.

In "Arkham Breakout" from DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise, Chicken and Hühnermörder are seen watching over Arkham Asylum inmates.

In the opening sequence used in 8th and 9th seasons, Chicken is thawed out of ice by Hühnermörder's descendant who forces him to watch a number of projected images.

In season nine finale "Hi.", the Nerd jumps over the Grand Canyon in order to ensure the show's revival. He succeeds but crashes into a truck, resulting in an explosion that kills him. In the season ten opening sequence, Hühnermörder and Chicken revive the Nerd as a cyborg and subsequently put him through the same torture they went through.




The Rescue Robot Chicken Adult Swim


  • Chicken makes a cameo in The Simpsons Robot Chicken Couch Gag.
  • The online description for the 10 inch action figure of Chicken accidentally refers to him as a female.


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