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Robot Chicken is the main protagonist of the American stop motion series of the same name


The Bird is revived by a mad scientist but it replaces its meat parts with robotic parts , Robot Chicken takes revenge on the scientist who revived him since they had barely revived him even though he was dead for him he felt an immense pain difficult to overcome and that is why he did not like the tools that the scientist used to revive him and the protagonist bird has the need to kill the scientist since for him it is the solution to overcome the trauma that he left when he revived


The show focuses on mocking pop culture, referencing toys, movies, television, and popular fads, as well as more obscure references like anime cartoons and older television programs, much in the same vein as comedy sketch shows like Saturday Night Live. One particular motif involves the idea of fantastical characters being placed in a more realistic world or situation (such as Stretch Armstrong requiring a corn syrup transplant after losing his abilities because of aging, Optimus Prime performing a prostate cancer PSA for the humans, and Godzilla having problems in the bedroom). The program even had a 30-minute episode dedicated to Star Wars which premiered June 17, 2007, in the US featuring the voices of Star Wars notables George Lucas, Mark Hamill (from a previous episode), Billy Dee Williams, and Ahmed Best. The Star Wars episode was nominated for a 2008 Emmy Award as Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour).

Four of the six season finales of Robot Chicken to date have ended with Mike Lazzo, the head of Adult Swim, saying that "Robot Chicken is canceled", although thus far it has still returned for an additional season following each joke proclamation.


  • Robot Chicken is a complete killing machine since it can use its robotic wings as blades and in the other intro the bird is shown holding the mutilated head of the mad scientist fulfilling his revenge.

The Chicken is the titular main protagonist in the animated Adult Swim cartoon Robot Chicken.


The Chicken in Robot Chicken is a Robot-Chicken,because his name is about the show.


That character have's a robot cyborg supervisor with that he haves super powers.

The Rescue

In that episode, he needs to rescue his girlfriend because Fritz Huhmorden kidnaps her and for this, the protagonists needs to kick and hit enemies with only using his robot weapons.




The Rescue Robot Chicken Adult Swim


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