Chicken Boo is a reccuring character in Animaniacs and the the main antagonist of the 5th episode of Animaniacs (2020). He's a giant chicken who has a habit of disguising himself as a human man. It seems that most people sees him as a human in his disguse. One person in each cartoon claims he's really a giant chicken which is dismissed by the other characters in the cartoon. After Boo is shown to be a real chicken, the other characters express their disbelief, and often proceed to beat up Boo.

He was voiced by Frank Welker.



Chicken Boo was first mentioned in "Taming of the Screwy" where one of the guests tells someone that "It was a chicken, I tell you! A giant chicken!".

In "Chicken Boo-Ryshnikov", Chicken Boo becomes a famous ballet dancer where he is a prince as he dances in the play, while he is dancing during the play his crown falls off while he is twirling around, causing the crowd to boo at him and was kicked out of the play, causing him to walk away.

In "Davy Omelett", Chicken Boo appears to pose as the great frontiersman Davy Omelette, a parody of Davy Crocket. Where a Grizzly Bear beared and ambushed World's Oldest Woman. While an unnamed man tries to warn the hunters that Davy Omelette is a chicken, a Grizzly Bear tries to scare Chicken Boo away, only for the Grizzly Bear to run away after Chicken Boo smiles at him as the others the dance in celebration until Chicken Boo's was exposed, causing the World's Oldest Woman to call the Bear in, causing Chicken Boo the run while the Bear chases him.

Chicken Boo makes a cameo in "Hercule Yakko", where he appears as a Pizza Delivery guy as he delivered pizza to Yakko, Wakko, Dot and the other kids.

In "The Good, the Boo, and the Ugly", Chicken Boo takes on the role of "the man with no personality" Where two unammed people asked him for help into defeating the outlaw sheriff, as the latter tried to defeat the chicken only to be knocked down, as he tries to catch one of Chicken Boo's feet, causing him to be tied up while Chicken Boo is exposed. While the outlaw had 3 of his feathers (while breaking the fourth wall by talking to the audience) as the Female bar frees the outlaw, as he and the other cowboys chase Chicken Boo (while he was able to escape from them).

In "The Big Kiss", During the film "Big Kiss" gets filmed, where Chicken Boo uses a fake-mustache while others asks him questions, only for it to stop after a red-haired woman asked him if he is a giant chicken as everyone leaves the set while the red-haired woman tries to warned the director that Boo is a chicken. while acting on the set, A yellow-haired woman kisses Chicken Boo while acting on the set of Big Kiss while the directors look confused on reactions as Chicken Boo gets exposed while she has his fake-mustache, as she notices that she kissed a chicken causing her to sneeze leaving her unconscious. knowing his humiliation, the director has his men get beated-him up while he leaves hollywood.

In "Katie Ka-Boo", Chicken Boo somewhat started dating Katie Kaboom. at the beginning of the episode, Katie tells her parents that she's dating CB (Unaware that it's Chicken Boo), as while Katie's parents where it's revealed that CB will the the Valadictorian, and doing wrestlers at the state championship while Tinker tells them that he heard that he's a giant chicken while the parents think that he's making a joke. when Katie shows CB to her parents, her parents tried to tell her that CB is a chicken, causing Katie to transform into a monster. however, during while she is a monster, she then notices that CB is a chicken, Katie then gets angry again as she explodes fire while Chicken Boo gets is flying away as Katie sobs in tears while her mother comforts her.

in "General Boo-Regard", Chicken Boo serves as the leader of the Confederate rebels During the Civil War as he is wearing a Confederate cavalry officer hat. while the horse is walking, one of the soldiers

in "Jingle Boo", Chicken Boo works as Santa Claus for a department store in New York City, who gives out a requested toy by a conveyer belt. However, Colin (aka the Randy Beaman kid) knows that Santa is really a giant chicken, to which the manager chalks up as a kid's odd fear and points out that Chicken Boo is the best Santa they have ever had. In true fashion, an accident with the conveyer belt rips off Chicken Boo's costume. An enraged manager remarks that "maybe they let chickens work as Santa in Arkansas, but not in the big city", and promptly kicks Chicken Boo into the sky. The real Santa then saves the day by swooping down to rescue him and gives Chicken Boo a happy ending by giving him a ride in his sleigh.

In "Kung Boo", Chicken Boo is doing Kung-fu.

In "The Chicken Who Loved Me", Chicken Boo poses as a secret-agent where he goes on a mission into stopping Dr. Not

In "Yabba Dabba Boo",Chicken Boo plays a script doctor for the Flintstones movie.

In "Boo Happens", Chicken Boo starred in a shot-for-shot parody of the film Forrest Gump.

In "Boo Network",Thaddeus Plotz hires Chicken Boo as the new head of programming for the WB Network.

In "Boo Wonder", Chicken Boo played as the sidekick of the Caped Crusader.

Animaniacs (Reboot)

When the show Animaniacs got set to reboot, all of the original cast were invited to return with the exception of Boo. Infuriated by this, Boo takes on one of his best disguises and calls himself Dr. Walter Grubb. After snagging every other character from the original show, he goes after the Warners, chasing them throughout the episode until he finally captures them.

Upon bringing them to his lair, he introduces them to his collection of every other Animaniacs character. The Warners ask if he truly got every character, naming off minor ones before finally mention Chicken Boo and how he was the least popular character in the original show to the point he was banned from the reboot. Upon which he ends up breaking down, tearing off his disguise in the process, all while revealing his plan to the Warners.

After that, he makes his escape. The Warners don't give chase, knowing how the segment will most likely end. Sure enough, as Boo is walking away, he finds himself confronted by the rest of the original cast (Slappy, Skippy Squirrel, Mindy, Buttons, Rita, Runt, Minerva Mink, Newt, Katie Ka-Boom, Phar Fignewton, The Hip Hippos, Charlton Woodchucks, The Mime, Squit, Bobby, Pesto, Miles Standish, and Mr. Skullhead) still very much alive and angry, arriving to get their revenge on Boo (by possibly killing and eaten, or knocking, or beaten up alive) causing him to run away in fear while they are chasing him.

It is unknown if Chicken Boo survived the chase or not like the ones in his segments, but due to what he almost done to the rest (including other or minor animals or characters) it could be possible heavily implied that he didn't.


  • Despite capturing almost all the characters of the original Animaniacs Cast, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Dr. Scratchensniff, The Brain, Pinky, Hello Nurse, Colin, Ralph the Guard, Mr. Plotz, Sid the Squid, and Beanie the Bison were the only characters of the original Animaniacs cast Chicken Boo hadn't captured.
  • Despite using his human disguise, it is unknown on why he couldn't get revenge on the people from his segments that try to expose him. as they did try to eat, chase, kill, or anything that's cruel, evil, and mean to him.
  • It is unknown if he was attempting to capture the Animaniacs villains, recurring or minor characters.
  • If the audience looks closely in the reboot, you can see that he captured other animals as well.
  • While in the disguise of Walter Grubb, Boo ends up being capable of speaking just fine. The moment he ends up revealing who he is though and tears the disguise off, he's back to just communicating by clucking.
  • The cast confronting and chasing after Chicken Boo were (Slappy Squirrel and her nephew Skippy Squirrel, Mindy and her dog Buttons, Rita & Runt, Minerva Mink, Newt, The Hip Hippos (Flavio and Marita), Charlton Woodchuck, The Mime, The goodfeathers (Squit, Bobby, and Pesto), Miles Standish, and Mr. Skullhead.
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