Chicken Jane
Chicken Jane is the title heroine of the "Fun with Chicken Jane" segments of Between the Lions. She teams up with two children named Scot and Dot, as they come down a lane at the beginning of every segment. As Scot and Dot point what they see out to each other, suddenly, for some reason, Chicken Jane uses her wing tips to write a word on the ground, warning them of some kind of danger. When Chicken Jane's words being written convince Scot and Dot what to do, they do so, and Chicken Jane is harmed by the danger. Scot and Dot point out what danger Chicken Jane is in, and then that they are not in that danger. They then thank her.

No matter how Chicken Jane is harmed, where they are at the time (like where the ground is covered in snow), or what happens, the closing segment always shows her with a sling in her wing as she and the children go up the lane while there is no precipitation.

Chicken Jane doesn't speak at all, but her vocal effects are done by Fred Newman.

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