Chico is the main protagonist of Disney's 1965 live-action TV movie, A Country Coyote Goes Hollywood. He is a coyote who once lived in the wilds until he was brought to Los Angeles.


Chico lived in the Mojave desert in Phoenix, Arizona. However, he is chased by a group of hunters and ends up in a moving truck headed to Los Angeles. He tries to survive the life in the unique environment while meeting up with a trio of other coyotes. They begin raiding neighborhood foods, such as drinking milk and stealing a prized bone from a great dane. The other coyotes were jealous of Chico at first, but they admired him later. One day, a fire hit town and they are trapped in a culvert. They escape, but are surrounded by the fire. However, the firefighters put out the fire. Meanwhile, Chico finds a female coyote lying on the side of the road and finds out that she has pups. The pups even to see Chico as a father figure and the female decided to use him as their babysitter as she and the other coyotes go hunting. Meanwhile, men are out to capture them. Some are hunting them, while others are conservationists trying to relocate them in the wild. One day, the pups find a trap. Chico succeeds in getting them out, but is trapped himself. The next morning, it turns out that the human who set the trap is a rescuer. The rescuer puts Chico in his trunk and drives off with him as the pups sadly watch him leave. Chico arrives at his old home, but he wanted to go back to his new home. He finds a moving truck and hops in, unaware that the truck is headed to New York instead.


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