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Chidori Takashiro (高城千鳥, Takashiro Chidori) is a main character, one of the group of seven kiznaivers, and tritagonist of the anime and manga series Kiznaiver. She, along with her fellow kiznaivers, attends Sugomori High in class 2-A.

She resembles the sin of Envy. Her updated sin is "Goody-Two-Shoes." Her identification when she experiences pain is D-5.

She is voiced in Japanese by Yuka Terasaki and in English by Caitlynne Medrek.


A girl of average height and appearance with a thin figure, and smaller breasts. She has crimson hair to match her eyes, and her hair is usually put up into a ponytail with a yellow scrunchie, and pinned back on the right side of her face using a small yellow hair clip.


Chidori is clumsy, emotional, and seemingly nosy at times. She seems to sincerely care about all of the other Kiznaivers, especially her childhood friend, Katsuhira Agata, and tries to cheer them up when they're upset. She gets embarrassed rather easily, and has been told by Yuta that she is "too heavy" when it comes to her emotions. If too embarrassed or irritated, she might hit the person who caused those feelings.

Chidori is called "Two-Goody Shoes" by Noriko. She has a tendency to take care of others, as seen when she cooks meals for Katsuhira and Tenga, and also when she tries to solve Katushira's problems for him by talking to the teachers about his being bullied and demanding that the bullies return his money. She is very defensive of her friends, especially Katsuhira because she knows he won't defend himself out of apathy.

Chidori fell in love with Katsuhira during their childhood and very much wishes for him to return to his original kind and funny personality. She was very upset when she realized that he would not return her feelings, but also understood that she could not make him do so and that continuing to try would be selfish of her.

In the end of the anime, it looks like she might end up having feelings for Tenga in the future.


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