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Chief is the bigger good of All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series. He is a partially unseen dog of an unknown species and he is superior even to Annabelle. He only appeared in the episodes "Charlie's Angle" and "He Barked, She Barked."


Charlie's Angle

While speaking distantly to Annabelle, he discusses the need to have someone train three angels-in-training. Annabelle decides on Charlie, as he is one of her best, and in order to teach him responsibility, but at first, Chief disagrees, but gives in on the condition that Annabelle help him.

It turns out the "help" was that he disguised as Carface, while Annabelle disguised as Killer, using a machine to turn dogs nasty, including the three angels-in-training, but then, the disguises are revealed, including Carface and Killer themselves, in order to teach Charlie the dangers of abusing authority. Just to make sure Charlie learns a lesson, Chief puts the angels-in-training in charge of Charlie, so much to the latter's dismay that he'd rather be nasty, so he goes in, and Annabelle operates it because it is "fun to watch," and Charlie feels nasty about it.

He Barked, She Barked

Chief is the judge over a case of Charlie "abusing his angelic position."

(More to come.)


  • When Chief's feet are shown, he is revealed to be one of very few animal characters to ever use footwear (including Red in his dog disguise in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and Charlie [occasionally in few episodes of the TV series]).
  • Chief's color differs. In "Charlie's Angle," his fur is brown, but in "He Barked, She Barked," it is gray.
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