Chief Powhatan
My daughter speaks with a wisdom beyond her years. We have all come here with anger in our hearts but she comes with courage and understanding. From this day forward if there is to be more killing it will not start with me.
~ Chief Powhatan

Chief Powhatan is the king of the powhatan tribe and widowed father of Pocahontas in the disney movie of the same name.

He was voiced by the late Russell Means, and his singing voice was provided by Jim Cummings.


He wanted his daughter to marry a warror named Kocoum. He think that the path she should follow bhut his daughter is not sure. When he learn about of a boat with british white men arrived on the coast. He let Kocoum decide to attack the colonists. When one of his warriors is injured he judge the colonists dangerous. He call his tribe friends for help them but Pocahontas told if he will listen one of the white british men if he let him talk. powhatan agreed with his daughter opinion but when Kocoum is killed he get mad at John Smith and blame him for the murder when it was a other young man who killed him. He also get mad at his daughter who just want to help her people but Powhatan she was blind by her way he didn't listen what she tried to said. When Pocahontas told if he want to Kill John Smith he have to kiill her first. After see what would happen he now know he will not win and realise all men go to lose their life in both side. He decide if a other life is taked that will not begin by him and free John smith. When John Smith protect him from the governor he later see him as a brother who he will protect.



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Chief Powhatan
Chief Powhatan

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