Chief Tui is a minor character of Moana. He is voiced by Temuera Morrison who also portrayed Abin Sur.


As the leader of Motonui, Chief Tui rules his nation with a firm hand. After losing his friend to the ocean in a storm long ago, he is very strict with his people, especially to his daughter, Moana, forbidding them to go beyond the reef.

He is first introduced after his mother, Gramma Tala, tells Moana and the village children the legend of Maui and the Heart of Te Fiti. The children are frightened, but Tui calms them down. When Moana goes to the ocean for the first time, he warns her it is dangerous and takes her back to the village.

As Moana grows up, Chief Tui keeps her away from the reef and tells her the time will come when she will become the next chief of Motunui. When his daughter, now sixteen, discovers that the island is running out of fish and decides to go beyond the island to find some, Tui won't hear of it. He reprimands Moana and confiscates her oar in a bid to keep her safe.

Later, when Moana reveals that her ancestors were voyagers, Tui makes it clear that he should have burned them years ago and won't believe that the Heart of Te Fiti can save the island until he discovers that his mother is ill and passing away, giving Moana the courage to leave the island and save Motunui.

In the end, Tui, his wife Sina, and Moana are reunited after she saves the day, admitting the reef suits her and finally allows his people to voyage again.

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