Infinity also known as Chiffon is the limitless memory and a god-like entity in the universe of Fresh Pretty Cure!. According to legends, she shall appear when ready to be used as a tool to evil. However, when she was born, she was found by Tiramisu, and raised and repressed herself into Chiffon, a baby fairy.


In her fairy form, Chiffon usually behaves like a normal infant, laughing when she's happy and crying when she's upset or needs something. Most of the time, she is extremely cheerful and playful, often times using her magic to amuse herself and the people around her. However, Chiffon is also shown to be very sensitive, usually bursting into tears if she is frightened or scolded; and she can become very moody if she doesn't get the attention she requires.


  • Chiffon is the first official mascot that is unable to talk properly and remains mostly silent throughout the series.
  • For the Pretty Cure All Stars DX3 Movie Character Polls held by Toei Animation, Chiffon appeared in the following rankings:
    • 5th in "The Fairy you wish to have as a partner most".
  • Chiffons most common words are "kyua" and "puri-pu". The word "kyua" seems to sound like "Cure", in Japanese, while "puri" sounds like "Pretty". Chiffons first words must have been "Pretty Cure".


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