Chihiro Komiya (小宮 千尋) is an elementary school student who begins working as a maid at his wealthy uncle's home after his mother dies. He likes things to be clean. He's also a good cook.


He is mature for his age, having been taught by his mother that those who don't work don't eat and is friendly and extremely independent for his age. He can be stubborn and has a short temper but means well. He is the type of person who would restrain himself and not ask for things he wanted since he grew up poor but has grown to rely and depend on his uncle. He is very intelligent, getting straight A's and has aspirations to be a hotel baron.


Chihiro has long, loose brown hair and golden eyes. When people from his mother's side of the family see him, they think he is the spitting image of his mother. Chihiro is of average build for a fifth grader, however he is sometimes mistaken for a girl due to his appearance.


  • In the Drama CD, he is voiced by Houko Kuwashima
  • During the anime, chihiro's neck wear changes from a yellow tie to a thin blue ribbon. This goes back and fourth through out the show.
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