Chika Fujiwara
 is one of the main characters of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. She is a student at Shuchi'in senior high school and the secretary of the student council in the academy.


Chika is a beautiful pale-skinned young girl with silver long hair (pale pink long hair in the anime) that has a small black ribbon on top of her bangs in the middle and blue eyes. She is shorter than Kaguya Shinomiya, but Fujiwara has a big chest.


Fujiwara is a bubbly and eccentric girl who almost always has a smile on her face. Always looking to have fun with her fellow student council members, she is often the one to come up with strange activities and ideas that entertain herself and the others. Fujiwara is mostly oblivious the atmosphere of the room, resulting in her being an unpredictable element that ruins many of Kaguya Shinomiya's and Miyuki Shirogane's schemes to make the other confess.

Because of her lax attitude and childish antics, many of the council members seem to view her as simple-minded, especially Kaguya. Ironically, Fujiwara is actually quite talented in a variety of areas, being an accomplished pianist while also speaking 5 languages. She can also be quite devious and underhanded, often attempting to cheat in a lot of the games she comes up with, though she is exposed every time.

Fujiwara is obsessed with anything that has to with love, professing herself as a “love detective” and giving relationship advice to others despite having never had a boyfriend before.

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