Baby Yoda also known as The Child, is one of the main heroic-character of Star Wars, The Mandalorian series. Baby Yoda is commonly known on the internet for it's adorably-cute appearance. As expected, Baby Yoda is the same species as the infamous Star Wars hero known as Yoda. Although Baby Yoda isn't a younger-version of Yoda himself. Young Yoda has a massive desire to explore all of the mysteries which are about Yoda and his species. Numerous people have called Baby Yoda the biggest character of 2019.


The Mandalorian accepts the mission of tracking down and capturing a 50-year old target. Future on the Mandalorian ends up finding the target, which was revealed to be the baby which is the same species as Yoda. In the second episode, the Mandalorian gets attacked by a rhinoceros-type creature, which was about to kill the bounty-hunter, Baby Yoda uses The Force to levitate the creature, helping the Mandalorian to kill the rhino. Later on, the Mandalorian ends up giving the Baby Yoda to the Client. Mandalorian asks the Clients plans on what will he do to the Baby Yoda, but the Client just responded that it isn't his concern.

Mandalorian ends up infiltrating the Cilents base and retrieves Baby Yoda, which got studied by a Doctor. The Mandalorian ended up getting ambushed by other bounty hunters which we're forcing the Mandalorian to give them the Baby Yoda. Mandalorian was able to escape when unexpectedly other Mandalorians arrived to the location attacking the bounty hunters, letting Mandalorian escape with Baby Yoda. In the 4th Episode. Mandalorian arrives to a planet with the Baby Yoda to get as far away from the bounty-hunters. Mandalorian wanted to take care of the villagers on the planet, but a bounty hunter appeared on the planet wanting to take the Baby Yoda, to which Mandalorian again had to retreat.

In 5th episode, Mandalorian joins a aspiring bounty hunter to capture a assassin. Future on the bounty hunter ends up taking the Baby Yoda's hostage, to which the Mandalorian ended up killing the bounty hunter instantly.

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