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You do not climb Mount Mumandad, by trying to race ahead on your own, or by competing with your comrades. You do it slowly and carefully, by unselfish teamwork. That is the mountain way. *Bluey and Bingo plants a toy flag on top of Bandit's forehead* (Bandit: OW!)
~ Chilli chronicling Bluey and Bingo climbing Mount Mumandad

Chilli is one of the secondary main charming characters in the 2018 Cartoon TV Show Bluey. She is the compassionate caring mother of Bluey and Bingo.


Chilli is the wife of Bandit and the mother of Bluey and Bingo. She works part-time for an airport security while at times staying home with the kids.


Chilli is seen to be laid back and calm. At times being slightly relaxed and ruffled than with Bandit who is loud and rough at times.

Mental Strengths and Abilities

She has the ability to communicate with others. As she is able to have the kids controlled and maintained when the kids get out of control.

Mental Weaknesses and Flaws

Some of the times she fails to be able to help get the kids to stop misbehaving at times. Often feeling to stressed to do anything.


Chilli appears to be an Australian Cattle Dog Red Heeler much like her husband Bandit.


  • Chilli is known to work for part-time Air-Port Security.
  • Chilli loves to play Field Hockey.


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