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Chin Hong Kong 97

Chin is the main protagonist of the 1995 homebrew Super Famicom game Hong Kong 97.

He is a relative of Bruce Lee (his exact familial connection is never explained) and apparently a resident of Hong Kong. When the country is handed over to China in the year 1997, Chinese mainlanders begin swarming into Hong Kong, causing the crime rate to skyrocket. In response to this, the Hong Kong government hires Chin and tasks him with killing the entire 1.2 billion population of China.

The player controls Chin during the gameplay, though he actually uses some form of projectile weapon to kill the invading Communists rather than martial arts. Eventually, Chin will face the giant, disembodied head of the resurrected Chinese leader "Tong Shau Ping" (Deng Xiaoping), who he has to defeat in order for the game to continue.


  • Chin is represented in the game's introductory sequences by screenshots of Jackie Chan, taken from the film Wheels on Meals. Should Chin die (which happens if the player is hit even once by an enemy), a picture of what appears to be a real corpse (which is unidentified civilian who was killed in 1992 during the Bosnian War) will be displayed as the Game Over screen.
  • So far as is known, no ending sequence is programmed into the game, making it impossible for Chin to complete his mission Even you killed Everyone.
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