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China and the Asian trading bloc (Ghost in the Shell)

The People's Republic of China is a world power in the 21st century dystopian cyberpunk world of Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell manga and anime.

World War Three

Unlike the United States, the People's Republic of China emerged from the cataclysmic Third World War, devastated but politically intact. As all the other major combatants, some of it's major cities (e.g. Beijing) were destroyed by nuclear weapons. China though turned out to be more resilient than the United States as it did not fragment into several states.

Democratic China

China is now recovering from that war and has become a world power. By the late 2020s, the mainland and the island of Taiwan peacefully reunified. The united Chinese state though still called the People's Republic of China is no longer a Leninist party-state, but a multi-party democracy that has a higher degree of personal and political freedom than it did before.

Foreign Relations

It's relationship with Japan is strong, having left their differences from the Second World War behind. Which is looked upon warily by the right-wing imperialist American Empire that is involved in a Second Cold War, this time with China. It's a mirror image of the First Cold War, in which this time the Americans are the aggressors projecting military force across the world, especially in Latin America. China in turn is not an imperialist power and leads a regional trading bloc which includes it's former rival India and most of Southeast Asia. Vietnam and Korea appear to both be out of it's sphere of influence due to military intervention by the American Empire.

Internal Situation

China has the largest economy in the world and India the second largest. Though its economic growth has been impressive, not all of its citizens have benefited and there is much poverty. This is partly due to the extensive collateral damage caused by the nuclear war, as the rebuilding of China is an ongoing affair and it like other nations are still recovering from the nuclear holocaust.