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RollForIt Chip Chase at the mike

Chip Chase is Spike Witwicky's best friend and a staunch ally to the Autobots from The Transformers G1 cartoon show. Despite their high level of technology, the Autobots will often consult Chip, benefiting from his genius-level IQ and skills in computer programming and electronics, in addition to several other fields of science. He will often be found hanging out with distinguished scientists and academics, as well as developing new technology with Wheeljack for use in the fight against the Decepticons. For Chip, the fact he's confined to a wheelchair is barely an impediment.


Chip Chase came to the attention of the Autobots as a friend of Spike Witwicky and the whiz behind Dr. Alcazar's antimatter formula project. He, Spike, and Bumblebee paid a visit to Alcazar's desert laboratory to pick up a disk which would allow Chip's home computer to interface with the more powerful computer at the lab. On the way home, they were alerted to an imminent Decepticon attack, and Chip rushed inside to alert Dr. Alcazar by computer. The warning allowed Alcazar to upload the antimatter formula to Chip's PC. Meanwhile, Prowl's battle computer had been disabled during a skirmish, and he contacted Chip's computer in search of help. Chip was able to help him chase off the Decepticons.

Unfortunately, the Decepticons had traced the formula to Chip's computer. He memorized the formula and tore up the floppy disk containing it. The Decepticons proceeded to kidnap him, and Soundwave plucked the formula from his mind anyway. As the Decepticons began manufacturing antimatter, Chip was rescued by Spike, Bumblebee, Hound and Mirage. The Decepticons turned up at Autobot Headquarters, with Megatron transforming into a powerful antimatter gun, but Chip was able to attach Wheeljack's remote control device to Skywarp, turning the Decepticons' own weapon against them. Sunstreaker pronounced Chip a hero.



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