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Chips Dubbo is a marine serving the United Nations Space Command, the main heroic organization of the Halo franchise. He is famous for surviving an incredible amount of battles despite his comical non-serious personality, being possibly the only marine to have survived all of the Halo games focusing on Master Chief, and has fought alongside him many times, though he does not appear in Halo 4. These unequivocal achievements of Private First Class Chips Dubbo have led to many in-game aliases, including, The Man, The Legend, and The Legendary Chips Dubbo.



Chips has a notable Australian accent, suggesting that he is from Australia. He enlisted into the UNSC at an unknown point in his life, and after the fall of Reach, he was apart of the UNSC crew on the Pillar of Autumn, bound for the Halo Ring called Installation 4. The Covenant Empire wants to activate Halo in order to exterminate the The Flood, and the UNSC needs to prevent that from happening, as it would actually wipe out all sentient life forms, killing everyone to starve the Flood to death.

Halo CE

Chips Dubbo made his first appearance in Halo CE: Combat Evolved, the first installment in the series, in the very first mission in the game, "The Pillar of Autumn". The Pillar of Autumn is a UNSC ship, captained by Captain Jacob Keyes. Covenant forces boarded themselves onto the ship to attack it's personnel. Conveniently, Master Chief awoke just in time, but he did not have a weapon. Chips Dubbo then appears to lead Master Chief to Captain Keyes, who hands him an M6D Magnum, a powerful, scoped pistol.

Master Chief succeeded in warding off the Covenant in time to escape the ship before it was destroyed. Chips escaped in the same way Master Chief escaped, using a Bumblebee drop pod. Both of them arrived at Installation 4, where Chips was evacuated as Master Chief searched for the survivors of the destroyed ship.

Captain Keyes, who had been giving orders from elsewhere about what to do while at Installation 4, was abducted onto the Covenant ship, The Truth and Reconciliation. Master Chief, the Marines, and the ODSTs helped rescue Captain Keyes thanks to Cortana. However, Chips would ultimately survive the destruction of Installation 4 without Captain Keyes, as Captain Keyes was infected by the Flood, and due to his strength, the parasitic, zombie-like Flood used him as a vessel to form the Proto-Gravemind, to hopefully create a Gravemind, a terrifying, omniscient, parasitic monster.

Halo 2

Chips was stationed on the orbital defense platform Cairo Station at the start of Halo 2, showing that he survived the destruction of Installation 4. He defended the station from invading aliens, while Master Chief cleared his own path "to give the Covenant back their bomb".

Next, Master Chief set out on a mission to assassinate the Prophet of Regret, a leader in the Covenant that vowed to eliminate humanity. Dubbo and many other UNSC personnel supported Master Chief as he made his way to Regret's temple, where they were met by a hologram that spoke of his diabolical plans and heretic beliefs. Master Chief succeeded in assassinating the Prophet of Regret, only to be transported into the Covenant's huge mobile capital, High Charity.

The death of one of their Prophets outraged the Covenant, who bombed Regret's temple to kill the UNSC troopers. Master Chief was then dragged onto High Charity by some of the Gravemind's tentacles, where Master Chief and The Arbiter fought the Brute named Tartarus, to prevent the activation of Installation 5 which would do the same thing Installation 4 does- destroy all sentient life forms.

Halo 3

Chips assisted Master Chief in Halo 3, during the Battle of Installation 0. He was seen aboard a Pelican, which crash landed, and Chips was able to use his intuition to survive. He got out of the vehicle with enough health to lead other marines to the landing zone he spotted for the Forward Unto Dawn UNSC ship. Dubbo was one of the few marines that got to go to Installation 0, where he assisted Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson, and Thel 'Vadam to activate the unfinished Halo ring, that wasn't powerful enough for omnicide but rather genocide, to eradicate the Flood while sparing (most of) humanity.

During this quest, long-time antagonist 343 Guilty Spark killed Sergeant Johnson upon hearing them wanting the activate Installation 0 and cause a premature destruction of the ring. Master Chief took Johnson's Spartan Laser, a powerful weapon that was the only thing he could use to stop the Monitor, Guilty Spark being a Monitor programmed for the protection of the Installation. Chips was shown to have survived the destruction of Installation 0, with Guilty Spark being dead, and he attended the three-volley salute of all the people that died to destroy Installation 0.

Halo 3: ODST

Chips does not appear in Halo 3: ODST, but near-identical marines with the same voice as Chips Dubbo appear throughout the game. These marines are often mistaken by players to be Chips Dubbo, when they are actually just random NPCs using the same model. It is literally impossible that all of these are Chips Dubbo, since the Chips Dubbo-look-alike marines are all seen in completely disparate locations in a short period of time.


Having been in every Halo game, in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, there are achievements in Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo 3: ODST that are all achievements unlocked by coming near Chips Dubbo, which give Dubbo even more recognition.

My Buddy Chips- 5 G: Fight alongside Chips Dubbo and listen to his words of wisdom.

THE Chips Dubbo- 5 G: Fight alongside the legendary Chips Dubbo and listen to his words.

Can't Keep Him Down- 5 G: Fight alongside and listen to The Man. The Legend. Chips Dubbo.

You're No Chips- 5 G: What do marines know about sticks?

Two Places, Same Time- 5 G: I've got my eye on you, Marine.


  • All of Chips Dubbo's aliases are used at least once in achievement descriptions.
  • Halo: Reach is the only game in The Master Chief Collection that does not have an achievement related to Chips Dubbo.
  • Two Places, Same Time is a reference to multiple, random marines having the same voice actor and same model as Chips Dubbo, despite them being actually different marines. Players mistake this as a teleporting Chips Dubbo, and 343 Industries was aware of this small detail and made it an achievement.
  • Chips is the first name of Chips Rafferty, a famous Australian actor, and Dubbo is a city in New South Wales, meaning that Chips Dubbo's name was likely planned, since Chips Dubbo is Australian.
  • His mother is presumedly deceased, as one of his voice lines is "This one's for my mother!".
  • It is possible to have multiple Chips Dubbo NPCs in combat, despite the game intending for there to only be one.


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