Chirico is the main character of the Armored Trooper Votoms franchise. After discovering a strange capsule during a shady mission, the ex-Melkian soldier is pursued by his own military.


Astragius Galaxy, year 7213. For one hundred years the space nations of Gilgamesh and Balarant have warred against each other for reasons long forgotten. Severly exhausted, they both agreed to a ceasefire. With peace just over the horizon, some Gilgamesh soldiers turned traitor and attacked a Gilgamesh research station to steal its contents.

Their only problem is that Chirico Cuvie, a last-minute transfer from the Special Forces who is not in the know about the whole treason thing, finds their main objective first: a strange woman locked inside a container filled with blue light. Almost dying from the traitors' attempt to silence him, Chirico is picked up by the main Gilgamesh force, who brutally interrogate him about the operation. He escapes, and sets out to find the truth behind that day and that woman.


2nd Super Robot Wars Z - VOTOMS (English subtitled)

2nd Super Robot Wars Z - VOTOMS (English subtitled)

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