I'm Chitose. I'm the the first Japanese seaplane tender. Nice to meet you!
~ Chitose
Chitose (千歳?) was a light aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. First laid down as a seaplane tender in 1934 at Kure Navy yard, the ship originally carried Kawanishi E7K Type 94 "Alf" and Nakajima E8N Type 95 "Dave" floatplanes. Although it has been speculated that Chitose also carried Type A midget submarines, only her sister ship, the Chiyoda had that capability. Chitose saw several naval actions, taking part in the Battle of Midway though seeing no combat there. She was bombed by B-17 Flying Fortresses off Davao, Philippines on 4 January 1942, sustaining negligible damage. She covered the Japanese landings in the East Indies and New Guinea from January–April 1942, and was damaged in the Eastern Solomons in August 1942.


The Chitose-class are unique as they can do 5 remodelings and have a total of 5 forms.

Original form

They both wear white blouses over a red kimono bottom. Over these is a flame patterned vest. Their bottom is a red hakama shortened to shorts length. Both wear a headband. They wear black legwear. They dual wield plane launchers.

2nd Form (Kai)

They now have a second pair of plane launchers.

3rd Form (A)

They now have a pair of midget submarine launchers.

4th Form (Carrier & Carrier Kai)

They replace their plane launchers for a flight deck theater. On the decks is the first two kana of their names (either ちと or ちよ). They control their planes by dual wielding control bars.

5th Form (Kai 2)

Their hakama now gains random splotches of green.

Chitose has long gray hair in a barely visible ponytail. She wears pantyhose.


She has a taste in alcohol. She is Chiyoda's big sister.


  • Sunk in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, 25 October 1944.
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