Chitose Hibiya is a supporting character in the anime/manga series Chobits. She is the landlady of the Gabu Jougasaki apartment houses where Hideki and Shinbo live, which she inherited after the death of her husband. Her late husband is in fact Ichiro Mihara, the creator of Chii and her sister Freya, essentially making her Chii's mother. She is also the author of the A City with No People series of books, which she wrote in order to help Chi find the "person just for her."

She is voiced by Kikuko Inoue in the Japanese version of the anime and Bridget Hoffman in the English version.


Chitose is a young woman of average height (5'4) with purple eyes and dark lavender hair that reaches down to her waist. She is usually seen wearing a pink sweater, red skirt, white socks and blue flip flops.


Chitose is shown to be a very kind and patient woman; she gets along with Hideki very quickly despite the terrible first impression he made (i.e.saying he wanted to use a Persocom to access porn sites out loud) and always greets him with a smile whenever he's on his way to prep school. She also instantly takes a liking to Chii, though it's later revealed that this is because she recognises her as her old Persocom who lost her memory. In general, she is always shown to be friendly and generous with everyone she meets.

Chitose is shown to be very intelligent; she is very knowledgeable about Persocoms due to the fact that she originally worked as a scientist with her late husband, and once uses this knowledge to repair Sumomo. It's also revealed that beneath her apartment building is a secret hi-tech room which she uses to observe surroundings in the city and look for traces of anything strange.

Chitose views Chii as her daughter, due to the fact that she and her sister Freya were created to be such, since she was unable to have children of her own. Although she promised to her husband to only observe Chii from a distance, this does not stop her from helping out Chii in any way she can, such as teaching her how to take a bath, as well as writing the A City with No People series of books, in order to help Chii learn about love and find the "one just for [her]".

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