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It may slow his progress, but it won't stop him. He'll get what he wants. Believe me.
~ Chloe, to Section (if DeFalco is killed in "Karma").

Chloe Lynch (b. 6/6/1994), codename Karma, is a secondary protagonist in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and can be a playable character by the player's choices.

She was voiced and motion captured by Erin Cahill, who also played Jen Scotts in Powers Rangers: Time Force, and voiced Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil: Vendetta.


Early Life

Chloe Lynch was born 6th June, 1994, in Chicago Illinois, and later became an employee of the Tacitus Corporation. At some time, Chloe got a tattoo on her neck that resembled the word "Karma" on Chinese, and was later known by the nickname. By 2025, Chloe resigned from the Tacitus Corporation, and became a target for Cordis Die's leader, Raul Menendez. Before leaving the corporation, she created a Celerium worm that could decrypt anything

Black Ops II

Yeah, and it's a bad f***ing day to be Raul Menendez.
~ Chloe during her interview with Jimmy Kimmel (determinate).

She is mentioned in "Fallen Angel", where David "Section" Mason, Mike Harper, Javier Salazar, and Crosby go to Pakistan to investigate Menendez. When watching him, Menendez talks to his second-in-command, DeFalco, and they talk about "Karma", and how he will handle it himself.

Chloe goes to Colossus, a giant resort to enjoy herself at Club Solar, and Section and his team go to Colossus' Central Records Computer to find "Karma". Unbeknownst to them, Harper bumps into her when Section and Salazar separate from him in an elevator, and she rejects him after he hits on her. Section and Salazar go to the computer, and learn that "Karma" is a woman named Chloe Lynch, and go after her to stop DeFalco from getting to her first.

Harper meets up with Chloe in the club after being notified by Section, and tells her that Raul Menendez's group is coming for her, and meets Section. DeFalco comes to the club and starts taking hostages and shooting civilians, and tells Chloe to come forward to save innocent lives.

Chloe does so after breaking free from Harper, and is taken hostage as DeFalco orders his mercenaries to open fire. Chloe is taken away while DeFalco detonates explosives over Colossus, and Section and his team go after her.

If DeFalco gets away with Chloe, the team fail to rescue her, and she is taken captive to Yemen, but she can be rescued in the strike force mission "Second Chance" if this is the case. If Section confronts and kills DeFalco before he can escape, Chloe will go with Section's team to the USS Obama and join the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

If Chloe was rescued from Yemen, or if DeFalco was killed, then on the ship, Chloe works on decrypting Menendez's network, and decodes it for the team, telling them that Quantum doesn't crack easily. The team realize that Menendez will attack on 19th June, Freedom Day, and Section informs Admiral Briggs of the trap. If Chloe is not rescued, the CIA Nerd will take her place.

Section and his team capture Menendez, but with the cost of either Harper of Farid's life (depending on player's choice), and is taken to the USS Obama. After Menendez breaks free after being interrogated by Section, and Menendez's forces attacking the ship, Chloe stays with Admiral Briggs - and determinantly Farid - at the hull.

Menendez, along with DeFalco or an unnamed merc (depending if Section killed DeFalco earlier), enters the room and has Admiral Briggs subdued, and Salazar reveals that he was working with Menendez, and he or DeFalco will attempt to kill Chloe. If Farid is dead, Chloe will be killed by DeFalco or Salazar, but if he is alive, Farid will sacrifice himself to save her, and kill DeFalco if alive.

Her potential fates are as follows:

Farid's Status Chloe's Status Outcome in "Odysseus"
Died in "Achilles' Veil" Kidnapped in "Karma" Only the two guards are present.
Lived in "Achilles' Veil" Kidnapped in "Karma" Farid and DeFalco kill each other.
Died in "Achilles' Veil" Rescued in "Second Chance" DeFalco slices Chloe's throat.
Lived in "Achilles' Veil" Rescued in "Second Chance" Farid kills DeFalco; Salazar kills Farid.
Died in "Achilles' Veil" Rescued in "Karma" Salazar shoots Chloe in the head.
Lived in "Achilles' Veil" Rescued in "Karma" Farid takes Salazar's bullet for Chloe.

After her death or survival, Menendez uses his Celerium chip to hack into the United States' network, controlling the drone fleet. If she survived the event, Chloe will trace the source that was controlling the fleet, and if all the Strike Force missions are completed, Chinese forces will aid the navy and stop Menendez's forces from destroying the USS Obama. Section will succeed in either killing or capturing Menendez in Haiti, stopping him and ceasing attacks from Cordis Die.

Karma manages to find the Celerium worm attacking the power grids all over the world, and manages to disable to stop the attacks, and preventing Menendez from being able to escape from his prison cell if captured. She will be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel (even if Menendez is killed), and taunts Menendez on television, as she knows that he is watching.


You don't understand. Right before I quit Tacitus, I created a Celerium worm which could decrypt anything. Quantum shit don't crack this easy... even for me.
~ Chloe to Mason and Salazar.
In order to control our satellites, the signal has to be relayed through proxies. One of them will gives us the source of the transmission.
~ Chloe to Section in "Odysseus".
Celerium Worm, attacking the electrical grid. Power stations, water distribution...it's every state...oh wait...it's all over the world. […] Chill out, jerkoff, I got it.
~ Chloe to Colonel Kurtz, telling of him of Menendez's worm, but being able to stop it.



"Second Chance" (Determinant)





  • She was born exactly fifty years after D-Day.
  • She has a tattoo on her neck that reads "Karma" in Chinese.
  • She is the first playable female in Call of Duty, during "Second Chance". Despite this, she still uses male in-game grunts.
  • In "Karma", her name is displayed as 'Karma', but in "Second Chance" and "Odysseus", her name is displayed as 'Chloe'.
  • If Harper is saved in "Achilles' Veil" instead of Farid, then Chloe and Salazar will both die, regardless of other choices made.
  • There is a developer oversight in the cutscene during "Karma", which shows Chloe wearing the Navy SEAL outfit that she wears in "Odysseus" and "Achilles' Veil", rather than her club clothes. However, she is again wearing her club clothes when she is loaded aboard the VTOL (if she is saved).
  • She is seen dancing with DeFalco at the Avenged Sevenfold concert after the credits roll.


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