Chloe is a sarcastic and lazy blue tabby cat and a supporting character in the The Secret Life of Pets and The Secret Life of Pets 2.

She is voiced by Lake Bell.


Chloe lives in an apartment in New York with her owner, which is above Max's apartment. The apartment pets often visit each other through the outside stairwell, which Chloe uses to visit Max's apartment with Mel and Buddy. When Duke comes into Max's life, he immediately climbs the stairwell to complain about it to Chloe. In spite of Max's situation, Chloe shows a complete apathy to Max's predicament and eventually replies that he has to get rid of him or his life is going to be ruined forever.

Though Gidget tells the pets that Max is missing after seeing his capture by Animal Control, Chloe is seemingly disinterested in what she has to say even when Sweet Pea pecks on the glass bowl she is resting in; but she encourages Mel, Buddy and Sweet Pea by telling the pets how Max has helped themselves. The apartment pets form a rescue team of every pet on hand, who go through Manhattan to Brooklyn tracking Max, which Chloe partakes in. Their guide, an old Basset Hound Pops, shows affection toward Chloe, which she is disgusted by. He called her "Rhonda". Though Chloe tries to remind Pops that she's a cat, he just said nobody's perfect.


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