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Chocola is a character that appears in Sonic Heroes. He is a Chao and the twin brother of Cheese, who is the companion of Cream the Rabbit. He has an unspecified connection to Chaos and possesses data on its powers. He once got kidnapped by Metal Sonic for his data, but was saved by Team Rose. He is currently with Cheese.


In Sonic Heroes, Chocola was kidnapped by Neo Metal Sonic (disguised as Sonic) alongside Froggy for their connection to Chaos. Chocola and Froggy were later stored inside Neo Metal Sonic while the robot copied their data on Chaos. Eventually, they were freed when Team Rose, who had been searching for them, defeated Neo Metal Sonic in the Egg Emperor, and Chocola was happily reunited with Cheese.

Soon after, Chocola and Team Rose arrived at the site where Neo Metal Sonic showed himself with Team Sonic, Team Dark and Team Chaotix, where Neo Metal Sonic use the data he had copied from Chocola, Froggy and the other teams to become Metal Madness. Chocola then remained behind while the teams fought Metal Madness and Metal Overlord. After Metal Sonic was defeated, Chocola and the majority of Team Rose said goodbye to Amy when she took after Sonic.



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