Choko (pronounced like chalk-oh) is a pure white foz. He is Zarya Moonwolf's animal companion. He looks like a pink and white pig with short or long prehensile tail and large wing-like ears and is something of a comic relief. He can curl into a ball for protection or other things.


Choko is a very smart and resourceful foz, he is loyal to the Mystiocns but his true loyal is to Zarya. He is often worried about her and has a strong bond with her above the others. Though the story of how they met is yet to be known.


Choko is a pet foz with blue eyes, pink rings around his eyes, a pink torso, a long tail, dark blue toes, fingers, and a wing-like ears and a half of hair.


Season One

  • All 20 Episodes

"Three Mysticons and a Baby": Nova Terron casts a spell on him so that he resembles the Princess Arkayna Goodfey to impersonate her to make everyone else think she is securely under guard.

Season Two

  • All 20 Episodes
  • In Game of Phones, he was able to sense Zarya got replaced by Proxima and warm Em and Piper.

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