Chomp-Chomp is an supporting character from the Pac-Man franchise. He is Pac-Man's pet dog and Sour Puss' rival.

He is voiced by Frank Welker who also voices Scooby-Doo and some of various creatures and monsters.

Game and role including TV series

His behavior is the same as the normal dog, but he owns an high intelligence that he can eat the Ghost Gang with his pac-dots to chase them away from Pac-Land.

Chomp-Chomp is a dog who is owned by Pac-Man in the TV series and video games. He is a nice dog, but however he is in conflict with his rival Sour Puss, but he can sometimes be allied to him to take down the Ghost Gang with Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.

Chomp-Chomp is a dog who serves as Pac-Man's pet dog and sidekick in the TV series, he is also in conflict with Sour Puss who is Ms. Pac-Man's pet cat in the TV series. Despite being an dog, he hates the Ghost Gang who robbed the Golden Fruits in Pac-Land.

He appears in Pac-Man World 2 when he was seeing barking at Pinky to make her run away from Pac-Man's house. In the ending after Spooky is sealed once again in a tree by Pac-Man who uses the Golden Fruits powers to be stronger, he was seen seeing the Ghost Gang in Pac-Land, so he decides to eats his pac-dots, causing the Ghost Gang to turn blue and run away. After he eats the Ghost Gang by chasing them, he was petted by his owner Pac-Man for foiling the Ghost Gang's plan.



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