She flosses after every meal and still, Zombie Breath is a real problem.
~ Chompzilla's description.
Chompzilla will devour the battlefield if you let her! She loves to grow big, brawny Plant teammates and put their Strikethrough powers to work.
~ Dr. Zomboss's view on Chompzilla.

Chompzilla is one of the main protagonists of the mobile game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. She is a Plant Hero of Chomper, who leads Mega-Grow and Solar classes.



It is revealed in Chompzilla's introduction comic strips, she was originally to be a Chomper who can be seen chewing a zombie while a group of zombies surrounding it. Right after the malfunction of the Hero-Tron 5000, the Chomper turned into Chompzilla, whose appetite had been increased.

Plant Missions

Chompzilla appeared in Attack of The Tentacles while playing beach volleyball with Solar Flare and Grass Knuckles until Neptuna showed up and attack them. They had a battle until Solar Flare and Grass Knuckles used the volleyball net to tie her up, managed to defeat her.

Zombie Missions

In It Came from the Greenhouse, the zombies intruded Chompzilla's Greenhouse during her sleep. After that, the Zombie Heroes came to the location and fought her until Brain Freeze defeated her, by using his superpower to freeze her mouth.

She can be seen attending the race in A fight to the Finish Line with Nightcap, Wall-knight, and Grass Knuckles (the main opposing enemy of the mission).


In Z-Mech's introduction comic strips, she can be seen chasing the Imp with the plants, until he unleashed his battlesuit to scare them away.

Powers and Abilities

Chompzilla's signature superpower is Devour, an ability in which she can destroy a zombie with the lowest health. Her support superpowers are Holo-Flora (she can draw two extra cards), Geyser (she can heal herself and all plants on the field for 4), and Scorched Earth (all zombies on the ground's strengths and healths get reduced by 1).



  • Chompzilla's name is a portmanteau of Chomper and Godzilla.
  • In her description, she always have bad breath despite the fact she always brushes her teeth.
    • Which is true, as she can be seen brushing her teeth in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes trailer.


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