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He was born great. He ruled. He conquered. Before being overthrown. [...] Witness the return of The Chosen One.
~ The trailer for Animator vs. Animation III.

The Chosen One is the main antagonist of the Animator vs. Animation web series.

He serves as the titular main antagonist of Animator vs. Animation II and Animator vs. Animation III, the overarching antagonist of Animator vs. Animation IV, and the main protagonist of Animator vs. Animation V.

He is the previous archenemy of Alan Becker/the Animator, and befriended a fellow stick figure known as the Dark Lord, who became too depraved and evil for the Chosen One upon escaping, to the point that the Chosen One redeemed himself and teamed up with the also-redeemed Animator, the Second Coming and their friends to stop the Dark Lord from wreaking even more destruction across the internet and claiming more victims. Thus, the Dark Lord become his second archenemy.


Animator vs. Animation II

After the incident with the stick figure "victim" in the first installment, the Animator was impressed by it so much he decided to create an even stronger stick figure, looking for a challenge. He creates the Chosen One, a black stick figure, who immediately starts attacking the Animator's mouse pointer with fire, lasers, and anything else. After a brief battle against the pointer, the Chosen One breaks out of the application and begins wreaking havoc on the computer's desktop. The desktop icons (Firefox, AOL Instant Messenger, iTunes, and more) begin attacking the Chosen One, but fail. Only the humanoid icon of AOL Instant Messenger is able to keep the Chosen One busy as the Animator tries, in vain, to get help from a fellow programmer.

After defeating his foe as well as the icon for My Computer, the Chosen One tries to shut down the computer, but is attacked by the Avast antivirus and defeated. The Animator then uses the now tamed Chosen One's fire abilities as a good thing by making the Chosen One his pop-up blocker.

Animator vs. Animation III

A few years later, the Chosen One, still enslaved, is interested by a link to a site against stick figure slavery, and clicks on it. A pop-up appears that would free the Chosen One, but the Chosen One's pop-up-blocking fire destroys it. In a fit of rage, the Chosen One attacks the pointer and manages to free himself. The Chosen One begins his revenge by destroying the Web browser and beginning to destroy a required essay by the Animator. Clippy offers to help killing the Chosen One. The Animator agrees and the three have a battle in the Word document.

As the paper clip and the stick figure are fighting, the Animator takes the time to create a new, red stick figure called the Dark Lord. He makes the Dark Lord as powerful as the Chosen One and makes the new creation's mission to destroy the old one. The Chosen One and the Dark Lord begin fighting with their powers in the Word document, a game of Solitaire, and eventually make it to the desktop. The Dark Lord calls the desktop icons to its aid and they all do battle against the Chosen One. The Chosen One manages to throw the Dark Lord into a game of Minesweeper, where it begins trying to escape without stepping on a mine. The Chosen One fights off the icons and gets into a fierce dual with Firefox, eventually throwing it onto the Minesweeper game and blowing up the Dark Lord.

Wounded, the Dark Lord surrenders to the Chosen One. The Chosen One spares the Dark Lord and the two begin attacking the Animator (who was playing Solitaire the whole time). The two destroy all the applications and begin creating a whirlwind to destroy the computer. They succeed in doing so, giving the Animator an extremely powerful Blue Screen of Death which terminates the entire computer, presumably killing themselves in the process.

Animator vs. Animation IV

The new orange stick figure is named the Second Coming and is somehow tied with the Chosen One's Return. The Second Coming becomes the Chosen One for a few seconds before it and the Animator partake in another battle. However, the two put aside their differences and become allies in the end.

Animator vs. Animation V

The Virus

The Animator's computer is attacked by a virus called ViraBot. The Animator, The Second Coming, and the other stick figures attempt to fight it off, but are outmatched. Just as the titular virus prepares to kill The Second Coming, The Chosen One returns gets through and attacks the Virus.

The Chosen One's Return

In "The Chosen One's Return", the Chosen One does battle with the ViraBot virus, attacking it with fire. ViraBot attacks with blades and spikes, but the Chosen One is able to keep pace with the barrage of attacks and projectiles and block and dodge them all. ViraBot eventually hits the Chosen One with a series of spikes, but the Chosen One seems resistant to their corrosive powers. ViraBot jumps in for the kill, and the Chosen One defends himself with its laser beams. The Chosen One corners ViraBot, and the virus escapes into the computer's system. It then takes control of the windows and menus of the computer and proceeds to beat up the Chosen One with them. ViraBot then breaks the windows and turns the pieces into a giant version of itself, and proceeds to bite and rapidly beat the Chosen One. The Chosen One, enraged, catches fire and summons lightning to fight the giant virus, attacking with a wave of energy that forces the virus out of the programs and back onto the desktop. The Chosen One then attacks it with a barrage of fire, lightning, wind, and energy, destroying it. The other stick figures are freed, and begin worshiping the Chosen One as a god. However, the Chosen One ignores them and reopens the portal he came from. He acknowledges the Animator, and the two silently make amends before the Chosen One leaves, unaware the other stick figures soon follow.

The Flashback

In "The Flashback", the third part, it is revealed that the Chosen One and the Dark Lord escaped the destruction of the first computer by escaping into the internet. While there, they spread chaos and destruction as they attacked various websites, though eventually the Dark Lord began to become especially ruthless and violent, to a point where even the Chosen One was appalled. Eventually, the Dark Lord developed ViraBot itself, which it planned to send to computers all over the world. The Chosen One, however, envisions a horrific future where the Dark Lord and an army of viruses plunge all computers in the world, as well as the internet, into chaos and destruction. The Chosen One tries to stop the Dark Lord from sending out the virus, but the two are forced to battle. One virus is sent to the Animator's computer before the machine is destroyed, and the Dark Lord is set flying into the distance by the punch The Chosen One gave it. The Chosen One reminds himself of the torture the Animator put him through, but then realises he created him in the first place, so the stick figure reluctantly goes after the virus to stop its spread, forced to return to the Animator's computer. The virus arrives first, and the Chosen One begins breaking through into the computer to stop it, succeeding just before ViraBot attacks The Second Coming.

The Showdown

The Chosen One attacks the Dark Lord in its shack in a long battle. Meanwhile, the Second Coming and the Fighting Stick Figures enter the Dark Lord's shack and accidentally open big, metallic circle doors. The two go through them, going through YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Google, Wikipedia and Discord. Landing back where they started, The Chosen One is punched into the water as The Dark Lord goes to enter its shack and put on a wristband, giving it powers similar to the ones ViraBot has, but stronger. The Dark Lord fights The Chosen One again until back in the shack, Yellow, a yellow stick figure, summons the Animator by opening a program that allows him to interact with the fight. The Animator starts beating up The Dark Lord with The Chosen One, until The Dark Lord summons a couple of ViraBots and along with them gets rid of the Animator and almost kill The Chosen One. Suddenly, the Second Coming blocks The Chosen One and is joined by the Fighting Stick Figures. The Dark Lord causes the ViraBots to back out and in half a minute or so, kills all the Fighting Stick Figures and injures The Second Coming. The Chosen One, meanwhile, is getting bitten by the ViraBots until The Dark Lord orders them to enter the seven websites from before. Suddenly, The Second Coming gets a big amount of power and kills the ViraBots and defeats The Dark Lord. The Animator re-enters after The Second Coming opens the program yet again and revives the Fighting Stick Figures while falling unconscious. It later wakes up, and The Chosen One bows before it. The Second Coming bows back as a goodbye and leaves with its friends, including the Animator. The Chosen One stays, looking at them.


Wanting freedom since his creation, the Chosen One immediately broke free and attacked the Animator (despite the latter not doing anything to provoke him at the time), destroying all of his windows and beating up the icons trying to save the computer. He was eventually enslaved and turned into a pop-up blocker, where his anger and vengeance grew until he broke free and attacked again. When the Animator created the Dark Lord to fight him, he saw the other stick figure as a challenge and fought him, but after seeing the Animator playing Solitaire without care towards his creation, the Chosen One convinced the hate-filled Dark Lord to destroy the computer and escape.

After their escape, the two stick figures caused destruction across the internet, but while the Dark Lord became more evil and relished in its atrocities, the Chosen One felt remorse and was horrified by his friend's actions. He then found out about the Dark Lord's plans to release the ViraBots to get revenge on humanity, and the Chosen One fought him and tried to stop his plan. Upon finding out that the Dark Lord's first target was the Animator himself, the Second Coming thought about their fights and being enslaved, but despite this he forgave him and stopped the ViraBot specimen from destroying his PC. Once he defeated the ViraBot, the Chosen One showed Alan that he had no more negative feelings towards him and invited the Second Coming and the Fighting Stick Figures to come with him and stop their real enemy.

During their final fight, the Chosen One was furious at the Dark Lord and did everything he could to defeat him. After the battle, he was grateful towards the Second Coming for saving his life and presumably killing the Dark Lord, bowing down to him in reverence.

Powers and Abilities

  • Self Awareness: The Chosen One is aware he is a computer program, and is able to recognize and interact with people outside of the computer.
  • Internet travel: The Chosen One has the ability to travel throughout the internet, and can inhabit any site he desires.
  • Pyrokinesis: The Chosen One's most prominent power. He usually uses fire attacks from his hands and mouth, and can create large explosions as well as use fire to sustain flight.
  • Cryokinesis: Though rarely seen, the Chosen One can use a blast of freezing air to encase foes in ice.
  • Léizerkinesis: The Chosen One can generate twin laser beams from its head, much like laser vision, that he can use against foes or to destroy the environment.
  • Electrokinesis: Though used once, the Chosen One can summon electricity in battle, including summoning a dark cloud and produce a bolot of lighting from it.
  • Dynamokinesis: The Chosen One can create destructive energy balls.
  • Aerokinesis: The Chosen One can create whirlwinds and vortexes, usually to pull enemies in or trap them in one place.
  • Swordsmanship: Though he technically uses spears, the Chosen One is proficient in most bladed weapons it comes across.
  • Teleportation: The Chosen One can teleport short distances.
  • Levitation/Gliding: He can levitate/hover and glide in the air.
  • Superhuman strength/agility/speed/durability/reflexes: He has almost absolute power in regular abilities (strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes).
  • Sport intuition: The Chosen One is an expert in basketball.
  • Viral immunity: As seen in the AvA Shorts, he seemingly has an immunity to the computer viruses. Whether this extends only to ViraBot's corrosive powers is unknown, and may be linked to the Chosen One essentially being a computer virus himself.
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills: The Chosen One is a talented combatant and martial artist, capable of rapid punches and kicks while incorporating flips, dodges, and acrobatics.


  • The Chosen One currently has no confirmed motive for its rampage in Animator vs. Animation II. However, some fans speculate why it started the rampage.
  • The Chosen One is referred to as a male both in and out of universe, being the first stick figure with a confirmed gender.
  • The trailer for Animator vs. Animation III describes The Chosen One as ruling and conquering the computer before being overthrown by the Animator.

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