I'm not your boyfriend!
~ Chowder whenever he is called "Num-nums" by Panani

Chowder is a hybrid kid of a cat, rabbit, and bear and the titular main protagonist of the tv cartoon of the same name. He lives with his Mentor Mung Daal, Shnitzel and Truffles, where he learns to make certain recipes, if his stomach doesn't get him to eat many of them first which usually happens. He has a stink cloud pet named Kimchi and is the "boyfriend", later husband of Panini.

He is voiced by Nicky Jones, who also voiced Flower.


Chowder, as Mung Daal's apprentice, is very eager of becoming a chef, mostly because of his huge appetite. Chowder is able to eat, chew, and swallow anything possible that his stomach can handle, even once accidentally eating himself. Chowder is a kind and noble child and will do anything he can to earn food, especially his favorite snack, thrice cream. However, Chowder can possess a darker side whenever someone tries to stand in the way of his snacks.


Chowder is a small and chubby kid with cyan skin, a tail with a pale stripe on it, a pink nose, and one visible tooth that hangs out his mouth (his Wisdom Tooth). He wears a purple hat with two points on it, dark purple shoes, and a pink and purple coat.



  • Chowder is similar to Flapjack from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack in personality.
    • Interestingly, they both meet each other in the Cartoon Network commercials, bumpers, and video games.
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