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I've always been holding it in. I tried to accept everything. All your self-indulgence. My own place among you. I thought we were friends.
~ Chris to Hilda and Rosalie.

Chris is a major character in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series. She is the pilot of AW-ZZR520 (CR) Howitzer Chris Custom and EM-CBX004 Theodra.

She was voiced by Yui Ogura in the Japanese dub and Caitlynn French in the English dub in the anime.


Early life

Like any other Norma, she exile to an island called Arzenal. When she was little, she received a gift from Rosalie and Hilda.


After Zola's death, she and Rosalie attempt to bully Ange for the latter's demise. While started to prank the former princess, many of their pranks failed during their attempts. She, along with Rosalie and Hilda not only hated Ange for the death of Zola, but she gets paid more than anyone else. But after Ange saves her entire unit from being killed by a powerful DRAGON, she accepted and befriended with Ange.

During the Festa Festival, while she was worried about Hilda, she wins one million in cash at the Sports Festival.

Once Hilda returned to Arzenal, Chris and Rosalie visits her prison cell and asked her why she kept ignoring them. Hilda reveals to them that she never thought of them as friends and but was only using her, Rosalie, and Zola, causing Chris to become furious and spit at Hilda's face. Before they leave, she tells Hilda that she should have died and brought Zola's room.

After Julio led a massacre at Arzenal, Chris, who was barely conscious, tries to get up, but her Para-mail exploded, sending her and what's left of her Para-mail failing out of her doom. She was later founded by Embryo, walking towards her body and restored her life, which he did to Ersha, who was in his arms. After healing back to life, Embryo offers Chris companionship and friendship by becoming a member of the Diamond Rose Knights.

Near the end of the series, after Embryo abandons the Diamond Rose Knights, Chris angrily starts to destroy everything in her path, only to be stopped by Rosalie, who risked her life to save Chris and regain her spirit.


Chris is rather petite taller than Vivian, but just a few centimeters shorter than Rosalie. She has light blue hair that reaches down to her mid-back and tied a braided ponytail on her right side while having her bang covering her left eye, which is pink.


Chris is a shy and fragile girl with a raspy voice and can be a majorly sharp-tongued, such as her insult towards Ersha's underwear, which got her in trouble. She's apparently perverted, as she was in a sexual relationship with Rosalie, Zola, and Hilda.

But she has shown to be more perceptive than Rosalie as she deduced to Hilda's true feelings towards others with very little information, aside from her desertion. She is also shown to be vulnerable when being betrayed, as such when she spit in Hilda's face for leaving her behind and her breakdown in her battle against Hilda and Rosalie when Embryo abandons her, showing no trace of her usual shy expression and behavior, even her body language as was also shown in the third episode when she attempts to bully Ange when the latter accidentally killed Zola.

Despite Chris's vulnerable side, she's easy to forgive others who have wronged her, as such when she accepted Zola's death and befriended Ange and forgive Hilda for abandoning her.