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Allison died, she died saving her friends!
~ Chris about his daughter to his sister, Kate

​Chris Argent was an former antagonist to supporting anti-heroic protagonist from the supernatural drama Teen Wolf. He is Allison Argent's father and the son of Gerard.

Chris Argent is very protective towards his daughter and his family. He sometimes hates Scott. After Victoria Argent died, he retires from hunting werewolves and joins Scott and his friends to help them to stop the menace. He hates his father Gerard Argent who has used him for bad plans, Chris decides to renounce hunting werewolves and joins Scott McCall and his Wolf Pack to fight the villains who terrorize the city.

He is also an friend of Melissa McCall and help her to find the information about terrifying creatures and other monsters who haunt the city with their disastrous powers that was potatially mortal for living beings. After Allison dies in the arms to Scott, he decides to fight the Oni responsable for his daughter's death with the help of Scott and his friends.



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