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Chris Pearson or more commonly known as simply just Chris is the deuteragonist of Dan Vs. and is the pawn and best friend of Dan who is exactly nothing like his cranky friend. Chris is a laid-back, happy guy, but he is still hangs out with Dan and gets caught up in his wild plots. He doesn't even mind driving Dan everywhere, doing most of his work, and never getting a thank-you, although he does have his limits, as shown in Dan Vs. The Monster Under the Bed. Chris also has a wife named Elise. He often helps Dan get revenge on people and can be lazy at times.

He is voiced by Dave Foley who also voiced Flik.


Chris is a tall man, with sandy brown hair, blue eyes; he wears a blue t-shirt with an orange unbuttoned polo t-shirt over it, green cargos and flip-flops with socks.


Chris is very laid-back and easy-going, and is often the voice of reason in Dan's wild schemes. He loves his wife Elise but is completely unaware of her double-life as an agent for the government. He has had several jobs over the course of the show but has been fired from all of them, most for unknown reasons but at least one job he lost because of Dan and Elise's meddling. He loves food and is shown to eat a lot. He takes a lot of abuse from Dan but is nearly always there for his friend, acting as a sort of conscience to him and also as Dan puts it, his "revenge-seeking sidekick."


Halloween - Normal people are coming back from costume parties, NOT police stations!
~ Chris to Dan after they left the local police station after chasing a trick-or-treater.
ALL that anger's not good for you, you know. It's eating you alive!
~ Chris to Dan while trying to find the Wolfman.
It's not funny!
~ Chris to Elise after she was laughing at him.


  • Chris's ID card is shown in Dan Vs. The Animal Shelter, when Dan purchases explosives with it. It is shown that Chris's birth date is 2-22-85 and his last name is Pearson. This means that Chris is 26 years old and is named after one of the show's creators.
  • Chris is 1/16 Canadian.
  • Chris's ID card shows he's 6"2", and weighs 220 pounds.
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