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Chris Ramirez

Christopher Ramirez, nicknamed Chris, is the earth's Kamen Rider Sting in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. He was originally supposed to be a Marine like his father, to uphold a family tradition (four generations of Ramirezes have been marines since WWII). Unfortunately, he was rejected for having asthmatic complications that would endanger his life as a soldier, leaving Chris and his father's relationship strained. In episode 11, "Vent or Be Vented", he was approached by Xaviax in the form of Special Agent Simons who gave Chris an Advent Deck under the assumption that he is fighting evil aliens from another dimension and becomes Kamen Rider Sting armed with a stingray Advent Deck. Kit and Len both vow to find a way to bring Chris back when they claim his Advent Deck. He was mentioned by Kit and Len for most of the season. As revealed in the series finale, Eubulon, after bringing Chris back from the Advent Void, healed him of his asthma and erased his memories of him being a Kamen Rider. He was then said to currently be enlisted in the Marines. He alludes to Joey Wheeler.

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