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Hero Overview

I can't keep running away. I have to face the truth, accept responsibility. That's the only way I'll ever remember. The only way I'll get my life back.
~ Chris, after returning to the BSAA.
More and more I find myself wondering if it's is all worth fighting for. For a future without fear? Yeah, it's worth it.
~ Chris Redfield at the end of Resident Evil 5.
I told you to leave it alone, Ethan. You're in the way. (Ethan: What do you care, Chris? You killed my wife, you son of a bitch!) You think I'd killed Mia? That wasn't her! It was Miranda. (Ethan: What?) She's a bioweapon. She changed her appearance and pretended to be Mia. It seems she also survived being shot. So now I'm here to finish the job. (Ethan: Bullshit! Why didn't you fucking tell me right away!?) Because I knew you would want to be involved! And this job is hard enough without civilians getting in the way.
~ Chris to Ethan revealing the truth.

Captain Christopher "Chris" Redfield is one of the main protagonists of the Resident Evil franchise (alongside his younger sister Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy). He is a former member of the S.T.A.R.S. unit. He's now a member of the Northern American team BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), an anti-BioTerrorist group tasked with stopping bioterrorism around the globe.

A senior member of an elite security force in Racoon City, S.T.A.R.S. A member of Team 1, They are the pride of S.T.A.R.S. for their competence in shooting and close combat. He is also the older brother of Claire Redfield. He appears as one of the two main protagonists of the original Resident Evil and its remake, a main character in Resident Evil Code Veronica, the main protagonist of Resident Evil 5, one of the main protagonists of Resident Evil 6, and a main character in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and Resident Evil Village. He is one of the two main protagonists of the movie, Resident Evil Vendetta along with Leon S. Kennedy. He is the heroic central antagonist-turned-deuteragonist of Resident Evil Village, and is also a playable character in one segment.

His muscular size has changed throughout the series, starting out as a average sized person and ten years later, he is seen as a big brute. In Resident Evil 6, he becomes more of a tragic hero, as a result of losing his men to a bio-terrorist, whom he believes is Ada Wong. He relentlessly pursues her to kill her, but gives up on his vengeance to save the world from the virus. Redfield then returns to his role in the BSAAA, and later works with Blue Umbrella to stop the infection in Dulvey Parish, Louisiana. After dealing with the infection in Dulvey, Redfield became obsessed with stopping Mother Miranda, a biologist and cultist who wanted to Ethan and Mia Winter's daughter, Rose to bring back her late daughter.

He is voiced by Hiroki Tōchi and Kazuhiko Inoue in the Japanese versions, and by numerous English actors through the series, such as Joe Whyte, Roger Craig Smith, Kevin Dorman, David Vaughn, and Jeff Schine.


Early life/career

At the age of 17 years old, Redfield joined the U.S. Air Force, serving as a Pilot and Marksman. He soon retired from the Air Force at around the age of 23–24 years old. After leaving, Chris was suggested by an old comrade, Barry Burton, to try out the new S.T.A.R.S. force. Being immediately accepted, Chris joined S.T.A.R.S. and was recruited into Alpha Team under the leadership of Captain Albert Wesker.

Mansion Incident

Chris during the Mansion Incident

We continued our search for the other members...and it turned into...a nightmare...

On July 24, 1998, Alpha Team were sent to the Arklay Mountains on the outskirts of Raccoon City to investigate the sudden disappearance of Bravo Team. The team landed on the mountain via helicopter but the operatives were attacked by a pack of infected Dogs. Wesker ordered Chris and the others to evacuate into the nearby Mansion.

Chris investigated the Mansion but found himself in search for life, combating Zombies and other numerous infected creatures, and then ran into two surviving members of Bravo Team: Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken.

Chris eventually finds a wounded Enrico Marini, who is leader for Bravo Team, who informs him that there's a traitor but is shot dead before he could say anything. He soon goes into an Underground Laboratory where he discovers Wesker is the traitor among the group. Wesker planned to unleash the Tyrant upon the survivors but was killed by his creation, Chris and the others managed to defeat the Tyrant with a Rocket Launcher and then escaped the Mansion via Helicopter.

Rockfort Island and Antarctica

Yeah! It's payback time. We've gotta destroy Umbrella. Now, let's finish this once and for all!

While in Europe investigating Umbrella's activities, his owned activities made him a wanted target for the organization. Leon S. Kennedy eventually found Chris and tells him to help Claire Redfield at Rockfort Island. Chris infiltrates the Island and met it's head of security, Rodrigu Juan Raval, who also helped Claire but he was then attacked and swallowed by a Gulp Worm. Chris killed it and then thanked the dying Raval for telling him her whereabouts.

While searching the Island, he encountered his former Captain, Albert Wesker, who mysteriously survived and wants revenge on Chris for ruining his plans. Wesker easily overpowered his enemy with his new supernatural abilities and then informed him that Claire is within an Antartic Base, one of the Umbrella's secret facilities.

At the area, Chris found her but soon left to rescue her friend: Steve Burnside. Chris soon found Alexia Ashford and Wesker fight, Wesker fled from the battle and then Redfield defeated her. After Steve's death, Chris activated the self-destruction system of base and met his sister again. Chris ordered her to wait at the Harrier Jet while he dealt with Alexia once again, but this time he managed to finish her off. Chris then encountered Wesker, who beaten Chris with his new abilities. Chris then shot down a pile of bars which caused the two to seperate, Wesker then said he'll kill him next time they meet.

Chris then escaped from the base with Claire and manages to reunite with Jill Valentine, who escaped from Raccoon City with Barry Burton. The two soon joined Anti-Umbrella and became partners.

Umbrella's End

The nightmare ends, here and now!

Five years later, in 2003, Chris and Jill now focused their lives on exposing and eliminating the Umbrella Corporation. The two were deployed at a Russian Umbrella Facility, believing it housed a new B.O.W. They carried out a full-scale assault on the facility, destroying any of Umbrella's old Bio-Weapons encountered, and skillfully avoiding traps.

Eventually they encountered a new Tyrant, codenamed T-A.L.O.S. by Sergei Vladimir who revealed to be it's creator, and then released the creature upon them. Having no choice but to fight, Chris and Jill were successful in defeating the Tyrant, finally ending Umbrella once and for all.

After escaping the facility, the two lamented that Wesker was still out there. Unaware of this, Wesker infiltrated the facility at the same time and killed Sergei Vladimir.

II Veltro and the BSAA

We'll find you Jill...I promise...

After the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation, there were many rogue researchers who started to sell Umbrella's networks to the black market. Seeing a possible return of viruses across the world, Chris and Jill helped the creation of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.). In 2005, Redfield and his new partner Jessica Sherawat were sent by BSAA director Clive O'Brian to locate the organization II Veltro in Valkoinen Mökki, Finland.

Spencer Estate Investigation

A few years ago, the BSAA received intel to the whereabouts of Umbrella's founder, Ozwell E. Spencer. Jill and I were ordered by the BSAA's European headquarters to apprehend him. We accepted that mission in hopes of uncovering some info that would lead us to Wesker.

During 2006, Chris and Jill recieved a tip off from a reliable source detailing that Oswell Edward Spencer, the old President of Umbrella, of his location with the objectives to raid his hideout and apprehend him for interrogation.

Shortly after entering Spencer's fortress, they discovered corpses of Spencer's bodyguards. Both of them had to survive and endure numerous puzzles and traps built within the estate, while fighting off the multiple mutant guardians which relentlessly pursued them throughout their missions. While proceeding through the Mansion's gardens, they fell on the old bridge and landed in the sewers below. From there, Chris and Jill were forced to use multiple cranks to kill the infected monsters and then used a gate to make their escape from the sewers.

The pair picked up two handguns from the brutally murdered bodyguards and then proceeded into Spencer's Office where they found Albert Wesker standing beside the killed Umbrella President. The two went through a long fight against him with his supernatural abilities, but were almost killed. Wesker then prepared to finish off Chris but Jill rescued her partner and sacrificed herself and Wesker by jumping through a window. Chris was saddened and couldn't do anything but watch.

The BSAA conducted a three month search for Jill's body, with no success. As a result, Jill was officially declared dead in the line of duty. For the next 3 years, Chris had refused that she died, and put himself into every mission available, with the hope of finding some kind of lead to Jill's whereabouts.

Kijuju Incident

Chris and Sheva are fighting a group of Majini in town.

In 2009, the BSAA discovered a bioweapon deal was going to occur in the African region of Kijuju Autonomous Zone, and sent Redfield alongside his new partner Sheva Alomar to arrest Ricardo Irving. Sent to Kijuju with the alpha team, Redfield and Sheva met with Reynard Fisher to receive their equipment, and were confronted by Las Plagas infected locals. Chris and Sheva would find alpha team dead, and were instructed by the BSAA to continue on their mission to capture Irving. The two continued to fight more variants of the Las Plagas, and were rescued by Captain Josh Stone during an ambush by a motorcycle gang. He gave the two the data from HQ, and Redfield saw a picture of a woman that resembled Jill. Redfield and Sheva managed to corner Irving at a cliffside, but he escaped when a cloaked figure distracted the two. Despite failing to capture Irving, Redfield checked the files and saw that he was going to the marshlands.

The two continued their mission when rendezvousing with delta team, but when Sheva thought of leaving due to the demise of their allies, Redfield revealed his personal stake in the mission. In the marshlands, Redfield and Sheva were assisted by Stone to stop Irving, but Ricardo turned into a monster and they were forced to fight him. Redfield interrogated Irving on Jill, but Ricardo told them to go to a nearby cave before dying from his wounds. In the cave, they found an Umbrella lab where the progenitor virus was created, and found more connections to TRICELL. Chris and Sheva found a containment room that was full of capsules, and overheard Excella Gionne and Albert Wesker speaking on comms, alerting Redfield that Albert was still alive. The two made to the monarch room, where Wesker confronted them and revealed that the cloaked woman was in fact Jill, who is under his control via a device planted on her chest. Redfield and Alomar then proceeded to fight Wesker and Jill, and managed to remove the device from Valentine while Wesker escaped.

Chris and Sheva then pursued Wesker and Excella on a large tanker, where Gionne turned into a creature as Albert had betrayed her. Before confronting Wesker, Jill called Chris and informed him that Albert needed to take a serum called PG67A/W (which Chris collected from Excella's case) to keep his powers stable, and that he if he overdosed, it could poison him. Seeing that they could inject Wesker with the serum, Redfield and Sheva battled him and managed to make him overdose while pursuing in a plane. Redfield and Sheva survived the plane crash, and were confronted by Wesker again, who had infected himself with Uroboros in an final attempt to kill his former ally. With the help of Jill, Chris and Sheva killed Wesker with rocket launchers, ending the threat of Wesker for good.

Upon reuniting with Jill in the helicopter, Chris' optimism returns as he decides to continue fighting to stop people who would be like Wesker, wanting to destroy the world with bioterrorism.

Edonian Civil War

In 2012, Redfield worked with his partner Piers Nivans to stop the J'avo that were given to the Edonian Liberation Army, and came into contact with Sherry Birkin and Jake Mueller. During their operation, Redfield and Nivans came across "Ada Wong", whom they attempted to arrest for further questioning.

While escorting her, she put them in a trap and killed Redfield's men by giving them the C-virus from a needle bomb. Chris attempted to save his men, but failed and was attacked by them until he was saved by Nivans from the building. Suffering from post-traumatic amnesia and guilt, Redfield left the BSAA and became a drunk in Europe, while Nivans and the BSAA tried to find him.

Nivans and the BSAA managed to track him down at a local bar, where Redfield was still unable to recount the Edonia event. When he saw the logo of the BSAA, he relented and returned to active duty in Lanshiang.

Lanshiang Incident

In Lanshiang, China, Redfield assisted the BSAA in fighting against bioterrorist who were holding United Nations members hostage. After dealing with several J'avo, Redfield regained his memory of the events in Edonia upon seeing a cluster of Chrysalids, reminding him of Finn. Chris then decided to pursue "Ada" to avenge his fallen comrades, and eventually came across Jake and Sherry, who were held prisoner by "Ada". Nivans would attempt to make Chris see reason, but Redfield refused and continued to pursue "Ada" while also mourning over his present fallen allies. In a warehouse, Redfield encountered Leon and Helena Harper, who were after Derek C. Simmons for his crimes. After listening to Leon, Redfield came back to his senses and pursued "Ada" out of justice, but she would be shot by one of Simmons's henchman.

Redfield and Nivans eventually learned that there was a nearby ship that contained C-virus missiles, and were unable to stop the missile launch. Leon then contacted Redfield, asking him to rescue Jake and Sherry from one of Neo-Umbrella's underwater facilities in the area. While going to the facility, Chris learned that Jake was Albert Wesker's son, and informed Muller of this and told the mercenary that he had the right to shoot him. Jake managed to stop himself, believing that there were more things at stake, and the group were interrupted by a B.O.W. HAOS. The bioweapon was made by Carla Radames, who was actually the "Ada" Redfield was pursuing, and planned on having HAOS to spread the C-virus across the world. Redfield and Nivans battled HAOS, with the latter having to take a virus to help Chris defeat the bioweapon. Nivans then sacrificed himself to save Chris, killing HAOS with his electrified arm while the facility exploded. After being rescued by the BSAA and the Lanshiang incident, Redfield decided to continue his service with the BSAA to honor Nivans and his fallen allies.

Dulvey Parish Incident

Around 2017, the BSAA started to work with Blue Umbrella, a private military company that needed their assistance when they learned of infection in Dulvey, Louisiana. Umbrella asked for Redfield's assistance to investigate Dulvey, and he reluctantly agreed, as he still distrusted the company due to being previously tied to the Umbrella Corporation. Blue Umbrella gained information that Lucas Baker was working with the Connections, a criminal organization that was in possession of mold bioweapons. Redfield and his team arrived to Lucas' location, the Baker estate, and witnessed the bioweapon "Eveline" attacking a civilian named Ethan Winters. Chris assisted Winters by giving him a handgun loaded with ramrods, allowing him to destroy Eveline for good. Redfield landed on the estate and greeted Ethan, and helped him locate Mia and evacuate them from the area.

Redfield and his team continued to clear the estate of the mold and locating Lucas Baker, and was informed that Baker was hiding in the salt mines. Chris also learned that three soldiers disappeared, and he went to find them where he was confronted by Lucas. Baker then proceeded to place a explosive to Chris's arm, but Redfield continued with the mission to stop Lucas and rescue the hostages. He failed to save the soldiers from Lucas's traps, but managed to remove the explosive from his arm by placing it in liquid nitrogen. After dealing with molded, Redfield was informed by Veronica that Lucas was preparing to send data to an unnamed buyer, and that he needed to stop Baker. Redfield succeeded in killing Lucas in his mutated, and stopped the transfer of the data before leaving the salt mines. After dealing with Baker, Ethan asked Redfield to rescue Zoe Baker, who assisted him in creating a cure for Mia. Weeks later, Redfield and his team were informed of a disturbance at the mansion, and Chris found Zoe being helped by her uncle, Joe. He moved the two to a tent, and gave Zoe a phone where she spoke with Ethan.

Village Incident

He's gone! I tried! He stayed so we could all escape. I'm sorry...
~ Chris to Mia, mourning Ethan's death.

Chris infiltrating the Winters' home

Redfield continued his investigation of the Connections, becoming the leader of the Hound Wolf Squad while also keeping tabs on the Winters. He moved Ethan and Mia to Eastern Europe once he learned they had a child named Rose, but became obsessed with stopping a biologist named Miranda. Redfield had learned that Miranda had mold and was planning on taking Ethan and Mia's child, and he decided to go on his own with his team to stop her. During his investigation, Chris and his team had learned that Miranda had swapped places with Mia by taking her form, and decided to take Rose. Chris and team infiltrated the Winter's home, killing "Mia" and taking Rose while he had his team transfer to a safe location.

Redfield would soon learn that Miranda survived due to her regenerative abilities, killed Ethan's escorts and took Rose to start her ceremony. Chris made it his top priority to save Rose, and traveled to Miranda's village where he infiltrated Salvatore Moreau's reservoir to set up a research station. At the reservoir, Redfield encountered Ethan, and told Winters to stay out their business before a mutated Salvatore attacked them. Chris and his team survived the attack and left the area since Miranda was possibly aware of their presence there, but Redfield continued onto his mission by infiltrating Karl Heisenberg's factory. While setting explosives, he encountered Ethan again, and explained the situation while repairing one of Heisenberg's artillery. Seeing that Ethan was determined to rescue Rose, Redfield decided to let him help by having him fight Heisenberg while he set the rest of the explosives to destroy the factory.

Chris proceeded to destroy the factory and was called by Ethan, who told Redfield that he managed to kill Heisenberg and was going to rescue Rose from Miranda. Chris told Ethan no to, but was too late as Winters was immediately murdered by Miranda, which was later confirmed by one of Chris's soldiers. Seeing that Miranda had murdered Ethan and was preparing the ceremony, Redfield decided to avenge Ethan by rescuing Rose. While preparing to assault the village, Chris saw the BSAA arrive, and sent Canine to investigate what they were doing there. After placing a bomb on the mold root, Redfield finds Miranda's lab where he learns that she was a mentor to Oswell E. Spencer and was involved in the creation of Eveline, and finds the real Mia alive. He informs her that Ethan was dead, but she revealed that Ethan had been a mold since Baker Incident, and that his regenerative abilities would allow him to survive and regain his original senses.

Chris grieving at Ethan's sacrifice

Chris sent Mia to the escape chopper while he confronted Miranda, shooting her in the head and allowing Ethan to rescue Rose. Upon Miranda's defeat, Chris managed to reach to Ethan and Rose, and attempted to escort them to the escape chopper. As Ethan is dying when his mold power drastically depletes after defeating Miranda, he told Chris that it was too late for him, and gave him Rose and took the detonator to destroy the mold root. Despite his reluctance, Chris took Rose and reached the escape chopper while Ethan destroyed the mold. While on the helicopter, Chris mourned Ethan's death alongside Mia, and was informed by Canine that one of the BSAA soldiers as a B.O.W. instead of normal soldiers. Disturbed by this, Chris decided to investigate further as someone needed to pay for Ethan's demise, believing the source comes from BSAA's European branch.


More and more I find myself wondering if it's is all worth fighting for. For a future without fear? Yeah, it's worth it.
~ Chris Redfield.

Chris is close to his friends and family, specifically with his younger sister Claire and his partner Jill Valentine, whom he would both willingly give his life to protect. He also establishes bonds with the people he works with or their respect (Rebecca and Wesker for example) or admiration. He cares greatly for the life of innocents, something that caused him to argue with his superiors in the military.

Chris has a long-standing friendship with Barry Burton, who was an old friend of Chris' family. Barry was the one who recruited him for the Special Tactics And Rescue Service after Chris left the Air Force and began drifting.

Serving as Point Man in S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, Chris earned the trust of his comrades. In particular, Chris developed a close friendship with Jill Valentine, the only female member of S.T.A.R.S. at the time. Forest Speyer, the sharpshooter of the Bravo Team, was once a great friend (and rival) of Chris, until the Mansion Incident, where Forest was brutally killed and turned into a zombie.

After the Mansion Incident, Chris became obsessed with the Umbrella Corporation, seeking information to bring the company down and avenge the deaths of his friends. Later, Chris and Jill formed a deadly alliance to fight Umbrella together, the BSAA

Formerly, during his activity in S.T.A.R.S., Chris exhibited a great respect for the team's leader, Albert Wesker, who also considered Chris as his best team member. However, since Chris ruined, or at least delayed Wesker's plans at the mansion, a powerful grudge formed between them. Their confrontations thereafter were always intense and violent.

However, during the Il Veltro incident, Chris was shown as a generic typical "soldier", focusing only on the mission and ignoring all of Jessica, his partner's advances. When asked by her whether he trusted her or not, he remarked "Trust is measured by actions not words" which Jessica replies "That's so like you Chris. It's always about the job, isn't it?" He also has a level of professionalism; he never once berated Jessica for her flirting and just focused on the mission. However, when Jill was in danger, he quickly switched focus completely onto rescuing her.

During a BSAA mission to capture Oswell E. Spencer, Jill sacrificed herself to save Chris from Wesker, while he could do nothing to protect Jill. Jill's perceived death was a very serious blow to Chris personally. Ever since that encounter, he became distant and cold-hearted. It also psychologically scarred him such as when Wesker opened the bomber door and Sheva was almost pulled out to her death, he had a flashback to Jill's death and how he was unable to do anything and almost didn't grab Sheva's hand to save her.

In RE5 proper, Chris is initially shows a cold acceptance towards most of the grisly circumstances presented in the mission and shows little concern for its location or who he'll be working with. Immediately after meeting Sheva, she asks him if he'd "rather be in America than in a place like this". Chris dismisses the notion, noting that America "has its own dark side". She notes his lack of patriotism, and Chris merely states that he's a realist, noting that America is "a capitalist society" and that "not everyone is cut out for that kind of pressure". He considers that there are opportunities to be had, but as far as he sees it, "at a price". "If you gain, someone else loses," He concludes. When Sheva says that he doesn't sound like any American that she's ever met, he points out that the great thing about Americans is that "we're all different".

Following the battle with the first Uroboros B.O.W. he and Sheva encountered, Chris comments that if they had arrived sooner to assist DeChant and the rest of Delta Team, they would most likely be dead as well. A substantial part of his driving force during this time is seeking out Jill after he receives intel. That she may still be alive. Sheva has doubts about his "personal stake" in the mission, but later appreciates how much he cares for his old partner. With this, Sheva developed a close bond to Chris, decided to stay fighting alongside him in order to help him save Jill and take down Wesker.

Other Media

Project X Zone

Chris makes an appearance in Project X Zone. He is a playable character who is partnered up with Jill.

Crosspedia Entry

A member of the anti-bioterrorism organization "B.S.A.A." Formerly a member of the elite special forces division of the Raccoon City Police Department, S.T.A.R.S. After leaving that post, he continued his pursuit of the pharmaceutical company "Umbrella," the ones responsible for the development of viral weapons. In his career as a B.S.A.A. Agent he also became involved in the Queen Zenobia cruise ship incident, during which he and Jill succeeded in bringing an end to the organization called Veltro and those behind them. Tough and resilient, Chris has made it through many seemingly impossible missions, aided by his unfaltering mental strength and keen powers of observation. Not only is he capable with a variety of weapons, he is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Dead by Daylight

Chris makes an appearance in the multiplayer game Dead by Daylight as an alternative skin for Leon

Super Smash Bros.

Chris appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit first appearing in the "Oust Resident Evil!" event, he is a advanced primary grab spirit that increases the user's power of shooting items. His spirit battle is on the battlefield form of the Foursied stage against Snake with a Franklin Badge equiped who have increased power on ranged weapons and favors specials moves.


Video Games

  • He is voiced by Hiroki Tōchi in the Japanese version, who also provided the Japanese dubbing for the characters Agent J from the Men in Black series, Dean Winchester from the Supernatural series, Superman from Superman Returns, Lord Asriel from The Golden Compass, Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series, Desmond Miles from the Assassin's Creed series, J.A.R.V.I.S. from Iron Man, Jake Sully from Avatar, Ken from Toy Story 3 and Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation, Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit trilogy, Keller Dover and Detective Loki in Prisoners, Vlad the Impaler from Dracula Untold, Deadshot from Suicide Squad, Captain Cold from the Arrowverse.
  • In the English version of Resident Evil, he was voiced by Scott McCulloch and portrayed by Charlie Kraslavsky.
    • In the remake, he was voiced by Joe Whyte, who also voiced Mr. Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge, Mermaid Man in SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month, and Tinkles in the Hotel Transylvania series.
  • In the English version of Resident Evil: Code Veronica, he was voiced by Michael Filipowich.
  • In the English version of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, he was voiced by Kevin Dorman.
    • Dorman would voice the character again in Resident Evil: Vendetta.
  • In the the English version of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, he is voiced by Roger Craig Smith, who also voiced Sonic the Hedgehog from the titular series of the same name from 2010 to 2021, Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins, Ezio Auditore da Firenze in the Assassin's Creed series, Captain America in the Marvel Animated Universe, Siegfried Schtauffen in the Soulcalibur series, Captain America and Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The Official Game, and Kyle Crane in Dying Light.
  • In the English version of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, he is voiced by David Vaughn.
  • In the English version of Resident Evil: Village, he is voiced by Jeff Schine, who also voiced Javier García in Telltale's The Walking Dead, Frank Aiello in Call of Duty: WWII, Carlos Oliveira in the 2020 remake of Resident Evil 3 and Captain America in Marvel's Avengers. Ironically, his temporary playable role in Village is similar to Carlos.


  • In the Resident Evil cutscenes, he was portrayed by Charlie Kraslavsky.
  • In the Paul W.S. Anderson films, he was portrayed by Wentworth Miller, who also played Michael Scofield in Prison Break, and Captain Cold in the CW's Arrowverse.
  • In the 2021 remake film, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, he is portrayed by Robbie Amell, who also played Fred Jones in the secondary live-action Scooby-Doo films


I'm just a realist, It's a capitalist society. Not everyone's cut out for that kind of constant pressure. Sure, there are opportunities to be had, but at what price? You gain, someone else loses.
~ Chris Redfield's views in Resident Evil 5.
Suck on this, Wesker!
~ Chris preparing to kill Wesker for good.
Fall in line, soldier.
~ Chris to Piers.
You can't run forever...
~ Chris to "Ada"/Carla.
I'm Redfield. I'm glad we found you.
~ Chris to Ethan in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.
Game over.
~ Chris to Lucas, moments before killing him.
Sorry, Ethan.
~ Chris to Ethan upon killing "Mia".


  • Chris is a smoker, as shown in the original Resident Evil, he is shown smoking in his live-action intro, and there are cigarette butts next to him in a bar in Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil Village eventually further confirm this.
  • In early development of Resident Evil 5, he was voiced by Kevin Dorman, who voiced the character in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: Vendetta.
  • Reuben Langdon provided the motion capture for the character in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, and Resident Evil: Vendetta.
  • His role in Resident Evil Village is eventually resembles Carlos Oliveira.
  • Chris's age
    • 25 (RE1)
    • 35 (RE5)
    • 39 (RE6)
    • 43 (RE7)
    • 47 (RE8)
    • 60s (RE8 epilogue)

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