Chris Rock is the titular main protagonist of the American sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. He is the real actor Chris Rock as a teenager in Brooklyn in the 1980s.


Chris is the eldest son of Julius and Rochelle and brother of Drew and Tonya. He lives in Bed-Stuy dangerous neighborhood that is full of bandits and thieves, besides studying at the Corleone School being the only black student there.

Chris is at home often abused by his family, Julius refuses to buy expensive things for him, Drew rejects and leaves much to be overshadowed by more popular than him, Tonya tries to mess it creating problems and putting the blame on him, and Rochelle can be the worst beating, belittling and discounting everything that goes wrong in it (sometimes it really is his fault). When you're on the streets of Bed-Stuy he is often assaulted, prosecuted and often get into trouble with the bandits out. In a school called Corleone and other neighborhoods where black people do not live, he is often the victim of racism inflicted by his fellow students, teachers, police and white citizens, such as the bully Caruso and his teacher Morelo (it does by intention, just think Chris is a poor bum for being black even though he denies it).

Although he always strives to be seen away from these problems and be respected by others, Chris always ends up getting into them and ends up screwing the end of almost every episode til series finale.

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