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All I know is sometimes, when there's too many white people, I get nervous, you know?
~ Chris to Georgina.

Chris Washington is the main protagonist of the hit 2017 horror movie Get Out. He is portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya, who also portrayed W'Kabi in Black Panther and Black Death in Kick Ass 2.

Events of Get Out

Chris starts dating a woman named Rose Armitage only to find out that her family is harboring a dark secret when he goes to visit their plantation and it turns out that they are kidnapping and lobotomizing black people into being modern day slaves and also sex slaves as well and that her family are all members of a secret society. He manages to escape but he came close to being lobotomized on just like all of the others. The secret his girlfriend was hiding is that her and her family were all part of a secret society called the Order of the Coagula that they would kidnap or lure people to their plantation and lobotomize them and have them work as slaves on their plantation but when Chris and his friend Rob found out the truth and Rob went to rescue his friend. As Chris escapes from the house, he manages to kill Rose's Mother, Father, and her brother. When Chris escapes using a car, he accidentally ran over the Armitage family's maid. However, as Chris, unwilling to leave her in the hands of Armitage Family, carries her to the car.

Unbeknownst to Chris, she too was lobotomized and attacks Chris. This causes them to crash, resulting in the maid's death. As Chris emerges from wreckage. An armed Rose opens fire and sends the groundskeeper after him. Chris however was able to snap him out of it. The groundskeeper asks Rose for her gun to finish off Chris. When Rose hands him the gun, he turns and shoots her in the abdomen as retaliation for her family's crimes. The groundskeeper then shoots himself in the head. However, Rose as she bleeds to death, attempts to reach for her gun. Chris notices and takes the gun from her. Chris then strangles Rose for what he's put through. Rose initially claims innocence, but to no avail. She then grins at Chris. Seeing this, he stops, presumably seeing her smile as pathetic. A police car arrives, and Rose attempts to manipulate the situation one last time by crying out for help. It turns to be Chris's friend Rob who is driving the car. Chris escapes with Rob as Rose dies a slow death, ending her family's reign of terror. Presumably with Chris's escape, Rose and her family's crimes, along with the Order, are now exposed to the public. With law enforcement hunting down the remaining Order members.

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