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James Bond: I was wrong about you.
Christmas Jones: Yeah? How so?
James Bond: I thought Christmas only comes once a year.
~ James Bond to Christmas Jones.

Dr. Christmas Jones is the deuteragonist of 007’s 1999 movie The World is Not Enough.

It is a fictional nuclear physics to oversee the dismantling of an old nuclear base. She has a slightly naïve side to James Bond, but she's smarter than she seems, as she knows how to unmask Bond and stop him because she knows she would make jokes about his name.

She is played by Denise Richards, who also played Carmen Ibanez in Rodger Young' and the John A. Warden.


The World is Not Enough

Christmas Jones appears in the mid-film when Bond enters a Russian ICBM base in Kazakhstan, under the cover of Dr. Michael Arckov, a Russian scientist, to investigate Renard's crimes. When they arise, this reduces the Russian inventory in line with treaty obligations.

At first, she Jones proves rude to Bond and suspicious of him, starting with the warning not to mock her with her name. After Jones gave Bond access to the silo, Bond notes that Renard has stolen a GPS tracking card and half a quantity of weapons plutonium from one of the nuclear devices.

Before Bond can stop him, Jones blows his cover by pointing out how he looks and how old he is because he stole his identity card.

Renard manages to escape with the stolen bombs, leaving everyone to die in the missile silo with booby traps he has hidden.

Bond manages to save Jones and their relationship changes, she promises her that she will help him save the world from Renard, then they discover that the bomb that Renard has stolen is to be used as a giant weapon to help Elektra King kill eight million innocent people for seize control of oil and is on his way to an inspection platform at the oil terminal.

Arrived, Christmas tries to deactivate the bomb and discovers that half of the plutonium is missing, and then they escape from the rig and a large section of the tube is destroyed by the explosive charge. Elektra believes they are dead and continues her plan by planning to kidnap M.

But then luckily for them, the former KGB agent, Valentin Zukovsky, having been betrayed by Elektra, comes to their aid.

After assassination attempts by the villains, Bond and Christmas are captured by Elektra King, who has Christmas locked up in their stolen undersea and Bond is taken to the local tower to be tortured by Elektra with a garrote.

Bond however manages to escape thanks to Zukovsky and kills Elektra, and then reaches the sinking submarine with Christmas inside her, which manages to free her of her.

With the drowning submarine hitting the bottom of the Bosphorus, causing the hull to rupture and begin to flood, and Bond killing Renard, he and Christmas manage to escape just in time before the flooded reactor explodes safely underwater.

In the end, Christmas is seen with Bond celebrating the New Year for the year 2000 in Istanbul, without knowing that they are being spied on by MI6. With final lines before midnight (Bond: "I always wanted to have Christmas in Istanbul"; Christmas: "I thought Christmas only came once a year") and then just at midnight they kiss and then have sex.

Video Game

Christmas appears as an important character in the video game The World is Not Enough.


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